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Network IVR and call routing

Intelligent call steering and self-service.

Looking to streamline call management?

Using intelligent call routing technology based in the Optus network you can direct every call to the appropriate destination before it reaches a customer service agent for handling.

With Optus Network Interactive Voice Response (IVR) you can gather up-to-date, relevant and personalised intelligence relating to the caller and their reason for calling, helping you to deliver a new level of customer service and making your services more relevant to your customers.

Advanced self-service can also deliver further operational efficiency gains for your business by automating high volume transactions, reducing the demands on your customer service agents.


Intelligent call routing - Calls can be automatically routed to answering centres based on criteria that you specify, such as the time of day, day of the week, or public holidays and similar events, helping to ensure that your resources are effectively utilised. Calls can also be directed to the office closest to the caller using location based routing. Call overflow and voicemail options can help reduce the chance of ever missing a call.

Interactive Voice Response - Optus Network IVR provides a highly flexible network-based IVR application that is easy to update, maintain and support. Touch tone, advanced speech recognition and text to speech capabilities can be tailored and configured to meet your specific business need. They can also be designed to interact securely with your customer relationship management (CRM) or other IT systems, providing the opportunity to automate interactions or further enhance call routing.


Optus Network IVR Factsheet

Optus Inbound Solutions Voicemail Factsheet

Optus Inbound Voice Services Factsheet


Improve efficiency - assists in improving contact centre efficiency and the caller experience by automating routine requests and allowing your agents to focus on higher value and complex calls.

Reduce costs - minimise call transfers and help save costs by delivering callers to the right location the first time, including the ability to intelligently route calls based on customer information securely retrieved from your CRM or IT systems.

Remain in control - adapt to changing business needs using extensive self-management tools to modify call flows, answer points and announcements, including instant modification of existing information services over the web or via the phone.

Enhance interactions - streamline the customer experience and call flow using Speech Recognition to provide a more natural interaction.

Extensive reporting - track, trend and monitor the effectiveness of your network IVR services using a web-based interface for real-time and historical reporting.

Operational flexibility - take advantage of a networked solution that allows you to quickly deploy a scalable, feature rich and high availability IVR service with low up-front costs.

Network IVR

With Interactive Voice Response (IVR) you can be more helpful to customers when they call and be more efficient at the same time.


Inbound Voicemail

Add voicemail to your Optus Inbound Service numbers to take calls when you are unable to answer.


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