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On-Demand Contact Centre

Extend your contact centre with on-demand capability

Do you need a more flexible contact centre solution to help meet peaks in demand or to help you remain operational after a disaster? Or do you need an easy-to-use solution for a small contact centre?

With Optus Business On-Demand Contact Centre capability you can extend your current contact centre resources as and when you need them. All that is required for agents to use the Optus Business On-Demand Contact Centre solution is a phone and a PC with internet connection, so you can get started quickly and begin taking calls. You can route inbound callers, use the automated outbound dialler and deliver a great customer experience while keeping your operations lean and efficient.


Rapid Deployment. All you need to get started with Optus Business On-Demand Contact Centre is a PC with Internet connectivity and a phone, so it's fast and easy to deploy home based workers, set up a new contact centre or extend your in-house contact centre.

Full contact centre functionality. Your On-Demand Contact Centre is a world-class contact management solution, all without the need for buying, integrating or maintaining any additional on-premises equipment.

Reporting. Sophisticated real time and historical online reporting provides you with the information you need to monitor the performance of your contact centre.


The commercial structure of the On-Demand Contact Centre solution features monthly 'pay as you use' pricing, with no capex, no software license fees and no ongoing maintenance charges. After a small set-up fee you only pay for the agent licenses that you use in any month, as well as telecommunications charges for the agent 'nail up' calls and any outbound calls they make. An agent license is required for each concurrently logged in agent. You can increase or decrease agent licenses without incurring change fees.


Optus On-Demand Contact Centre Factsheet


Cost effective - a pay as you use model with low up front costs, so there is no need for you to invest in expensive capital equipment.

Easy to use - the solution is quick to deploy and agents will find the user interface easy to use.

Agile and scalable - you can rapidly scale your agent licenses up and down, enabling you to provide superior customer service during times of high demand while not paying for excessive capacity when you don't need it.

Full control - you remain in full control of your contact centre, managing your own agents using comprehensive real time and historical reporting tools.

All inclusive - state of the art contact centre functionality such as sophisticated agent scripting, outbound campaign management, contact recording and quality management.

Optus Business On-Demand Contact Centre is a cloud based solution provided with our partner RapportCMS, a leading provider of on demand call centre technology. It is available as a value add to Optus Inbound Voice services that, together with the Optus Network Interactive Response (NIVR), provides a complete contact centre solution for organisations seeking a highly flexible and scalable offering on a pay-as-you-use model.


Your On-Demand Contact Centre is a world-class contact management solution.

  • Hosted contact centre 'in the cloud' service model
  • Simple agent set up - all that is required is a phone and PC with Internet connectivity
  • Contact centre managers can monitor call and agent status and change call routing or scripting using a broadband connection to access the contact centre application
  • Option to include Optus Network IVR with you Inbound Voice service to play informational announcements and enable pre-routing of calls.

On-Demand Contact Centre - Contact Centre As A Service


Contact centre functionally includes:

  • Full outbound dialling capability with dynamic scripting environment
    • Manual
    • Preview
    • Power
    • Predictive dialling
  • Inbound call routing
  • Customer Interaction Rule Engine
  • On-line reporting – including
    • Real time and historical, self service enable
    • Web Based Access
    • Real time monitoring
    • Traffic visualisation
    • Integrated reporting across all features
    • Graphing / trending analysis
    • Schedules and ad-hoc reporting and data mining
    • Campaign ROI Reporting
    • Labour Cost Reporting
  • MSN Messenger style communication between team leaders and agent
  • Workforce rostering with schedule adherence capability
  • Call recording and monitoring, with real time retrieval
  • Call disposition and activity tracking
  • IVR functionality
  • Screen Pop / Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Intelligent call routing to home, remote and facilities-based agents
  • Call transfer with full digital recording
  • 3-way conferencing with digital recording

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