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Customer experience solutions

Engaging with customers the way they like.

Contact centres are a critical part of most organisations operations. They have become the virtual shop front and allow customers to interact at their convenience. Customers today also expect to be able to interact with your organisation in more ways than just making a telephone call.

Channels used to engage customers vs consumer preferences in 3-5 years
Source: Optus Future of Business Report 2013


What are emerging best practices for contact centres?    

Multi-channel Contact centres - Consumers are wanting to get help via email, chat, click-to-call, Skype, social media and fax as well as the normal inbound phone number.

Integrated technology infrastructure - Supporting multichannel contact from customers plus workforce optimisation and CRM tools.

Voice and web self-service - Automation of routine and common transactions using integrated voice response (IVR), web self-service and mobile self-service to cater to customer preferences and to improve operational efficiency.

Workforce location and flexibility - Increasing numbers of customer centres are enabling their agents to work from home.

Local support - Customers are indicating a clear preference for dealing with Australian rather than an off-shore contact centre operations.

Contact centre metrics - Call centre metrics are being extended to reflect a holistic picture of contact centre operations not just traditional call measurements.

For organisations seeking to develop a rich or multi-channel contact centre experience we partner with industry leaders to create integrated on-premises and hosted solutions tailored for your specific requirements.

Smart ways to enhance customer experience

Our customer experience solutions include, but are not limited to:

Email, web and chat management and digital social media management - Enables you to treat interactions via new media channels as you would voice calls, responding quickly and applying routing and queue management. Monitor and respond rapidly to posts and tweets based on a carefully-determined policy for either offering solutions or to mitigate risk.

Quality Monitoring - Based on pre-defined criteria, and depending on the infrastructure in place, calls can be automatically monitored and scored in real time, allowing agents and supervisory staff to identify and correct any instances of unacceptable performance.

Workforce optimisation (WFO) - Aims to ensure sufficient agents are available to meet the demands of the centre at different periods during the centre's operating hours. Workforce optimisation tools today include call recording, quality management, work force planning, performance management, data, speech and text analytics, as well as customer feedback.

Advanced speech - Advanced speech recognition can be used for more complex self-service options, enabling you to route calls using open dialogue and large vocabulary recognition.

Biometric applications - Enable contact centres conducting highly secure transactions to apply additional security identification such as voice pattern recognition.

In designing your solution our Contact Centre consultants can help you to identify new opportunities for development, and also the underlying cause of pain points.

Optus CCaaS

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Optus CCaaS

Customer contact solutions as a service - a suite of advanced multimedia contact centre tools without the hassle of ownership.

Contact centre consulting

Consulting services to plan, design and implement your contact centre solution.


Contact centre a multi-channel lynchpin

Contact centres fulfil a critical role to co-ordinate channels as consumers adopt mobile and socially connected devices.

Consistency: The hallmark of a multi-channel organisation

It's vital to provide consistent service and information- across physical stores, social media, mobile, online and contact centres.