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Contact centre consulting

Consulting services to plan, design, implement and optimise your contact centre solution.

Optus understands the importance of providing a great experience to both you and your customers. We also understand that there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to contact centres, their design and deployment.

With a wealth of experience in working with small to medium and large organisations to address their contact centre challenges, we can assess your current environment, determine areas for improvement and where appropriate scope an enhanced solution.


We can offer both business consultancy and technology consultancy to our customers.

Business consultancy - Undertakes to benchmark your centre performance relative to its peers. The areas that can be benchmarked include people management, suitability of existing processes to meet their operational and strategic goals, the technology landscape and the current operational capabilities. This helps to identify areas where improvement opportunities exist and define a roadmap for improvement.

Technology consultancy - Our specialist contact centre team capabilities encompass all the customer interaction applications and customer experience applications necessary to make contact centres efficient and their customer service experience seamless. At all times we focus on improving the way you interact and engage with your customer - and our technical and project management expertise mean we can work towards upgrading and implementing changes to even the largest contact centres with minimal disruption to your business.


Benefits offered by our Contact Centre Consultancy services include:

  • Understanding the shortfalls and or gaps in your current technologies
  • Implementation of improved contact centre technologies and practices.
  • Better visibility of the data relevant to the customer transactions for service improvement initiatives.
  • More efficient customer service through more intelligent call routing and management.
  • Higher service availability and shorter customer wait times through self-service solutions.
  • Ability to manage multi-media, multi-channel customer contacts.
  • Improved management reporting.
  • Requirement for fewer live agents and lower cost through advanced speech solutions.
  • Access to and choice of hosted operational expense (OPEX) based services, offering pay-as-you-use flexibility and resiliency.

We can help you plan, design, implement and optimise your contact centre solution. Call your Optus account manager to learn more about our services and approach. We have been offering sophisticated contact centre solutions since 1997 and currently provide managed support for some of the largest contact centre operations in Australia.


Our contact centre solutions are vendor agnostic and support and array of customer interaction and customer experience options.

We offer bundled solutions comprising:

  • Network based service, including Local Rate 13/1300 and Freephone 1800 Inbound services, as well as International Global Free Access and Universal Free Access.
  • Technology - hardware, system and application software
  • Services - professional services to design and deliver, and managed services for ongoing support

For organisations looking for the simplicity of a enterprise-grade hosted service with the control and flexibility of an on-premise solution we offer Optus CcaaS (Contact Centre as a Service).

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