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Audio Conferencing

Hold small and large meetings by audio teleconference.

Holding meetings by teleconference can help save time and reduce travel. Optus has two options for audio teleconferences.

Optus ExecutiveMEET provides on-demand conferencing allowing you to initiate a conference 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - without needing to make a reservation or relying on an Operator. Holding a conference is as simple as dialling a phone number and entering a Conference Code.

Optus EventMEET audio conference calling is a scalable, customised conferencing solution that will streamline and manage your most demanding conferences. Your Optus event manager will tailor the event to your needs, including audio checks, pre- and post-call support, question/answer management, recording or transcription, and participant polling, to ensure you get everything you need from your call.

For meetings with a visual component add our web conferencing services.


Optus ExecutiveMEET has the following features:

  • Help menu;
  • Mute/unmute;
  • Conference volume control;
  • Participant identification on entry or exit;
  • Roll-call;
  • Lock/unlock conferences (security);
  • Music-on-hold;
  • Listen only mode.
  • Operator assistance when required.

Optus EventMEET is an operator-assisted service. Calls are reserved and set up via an Event Manager. Then, to ensure your call runs smoothly, our operator manages your call, including:

  • Conducting audio checks;
  • Providing pre- (and post-) conference support for speakers and organisers;
  • Undertaking a participant count at commencement time (allowing the speakers the option of waiting for more participants to join);
  • Managing Q&A (either throughout or at the end); and
  • Conducting polling sessions.


Optus ExecutiveMEET Factsheet

Optus EventMEET Factsheet


Simple set up - Whether you are running your own conference with Optus ExecutiveMEET or setting up an operator assisted conference with Optus EventMEET your conference is easy to set up and run.

Easy participation - Joining the conference is as easy as dialling the conference number and entering the conference code, or the moderator/operator can dial conference participants in.

Cost saving - Having an effective conferencing facility can save meeting participant's time and travel costs.

For conferences where you need to share presentations and documents add our Optus Web Conferencing services.


You will receive a comprehensive guide to the easy steps for scheduling and managing your teleconference when you establish your account for using this service.

Support FAQs

Optus ExecutiveMEET teleconferences don't require advance reservations, simply forward participants the date, time, time zone, dial-in telephone number(s) and conference code. At the specified time, participants dial the dial-in telephone number and enter the conference code as prompted. As the moderator you also enter your moderator PIN as prompted to begin the conference.

You require an Optus Teleconferencing account to be able to use this service. Contact your Optus Account Manager to establish your account.

Make your Optus EventMEET reservation by calling our Teleconferencing Service Desk on 1300 132 004, email Please have the following information available:

  • Type of service (Dial-IN or Dial-OUT)
  • Company Name
  • Owner ID (if known)
  • Your Name
  • Company Name
  • Moderator Name
  • Date of the conference call
  • Time of the conference call
  • Duration of the conference call
  • Number of Participants
  • Cost centre or project code, if applicable
  • Names and contact phone numbers for Participants (Dial-OUT service only)

You require an Optus Teleconferencing account to be able to use this service. Contact your Optus Account Manager to establish your account.

Access Optus Conferencing online tool. You must be a registered user to gain access to this service.

Technical support

During your conference call, an operator is available at anytime by dialling *0. The Operator can assist in troubleshooting your problem and can put you through to the Service Desk.

At other times, the first point of contact for fault reporting is the Optus Business Teleconferencing Service Desk on 1300 132 004, email

Optus ExecutiveMEET

Teleconference conveniently. Just dial the number and enter the conference code.


Optus EventMEET

Our operator manages the conference so you can get on with your message.


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