Teleconferencing lets you communicate in real-time with people in many locations at once. You don't have to wait until you are face-to-face to hold a meeting.


Audio Conferencing

Hold small and large meetings by audio teleconference.

Enjoy fuss free teleconference calls:

  • Optus ExecutiveMEET provides on-demand audio conferencing allowing you to initiate a conference 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without needing to make a reservation or relying on an operator.
  • For your more demanding meetings use Optus EventMEET our customised operator assisted audio conferencing solution


Web Conferencing

Enhance your audio teleconference by sharing documents, applications and presentations instantly.

For conferences where you need to share presentations and documents you can add Optus web conferencing services to your audio conference. Cisco WebEx Meeting Center integrates data, voice and video content within a standard web browser so you can conduct real-time meetings over the internet simply and quickly.


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Unified Communications

Communicate instantly over IP via voice, video, desktop sharing and more.

Digitise your workspace

Explore more rich choices to enhance your team's ability to collaborate and communicate.


Setting your collaboration strategy

Getting your diverse teams interacting efficiently.

Preparing for business video

The time is ripe to invest in business video solutions. Product prices are declining, high definition is the norm and business applications are integrating tools such as videoconferencing more.