Enterprise & Corporate Employee Plans: Billing and Payments

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Understanding my bill

Corporate Employee Plan customers will receive a paper bill on a monthly basis. For more information about bills as well as any fees and charges, please refer to the Standard Agreement or call the Mobile End User team on 1300 133 334 or email corporate.mobile@optus.com.au.

Payment options

Important! Payments made via credit, debit or charge cards incur a 0.385% (inc GST) payment processing fee. The fee will appear on the next account after the bill is paid. For a fee free alternative, set up direct debit today.

BPAY (Savings Only)

BPAY is available to all Optus customers. It allows you to pay your bill from your own bank account, providing your bank is a participating member of the BPAY scheme.

Information you need
  • Page 2 of your Optus Bill includes 'How to Pay' options, including the BPAY biller code and your customer reference number
Payment timeframe
  • Payments made Monday to Thursday are processed within 24-48 hours. Payments made Friday to Sunday take two business days

Direct Debit

The Optus Autopay service will deduct the total amount due (including any amount in arrears) from a nominated savings, cheque or credit card account on the due date. All direct debit customers continue to receive a bill.

You can activate / deactivate direct debit by contacting the Optus Mobile End User team on 1300 133 334 or email corporate.mobile@optus.com.au for more information.

Payment timeframe
  • Payments will appear on your account the next business day

Online Payment

You can make a web based credit card payment. All major credit cards are accepted with a maximum amount payable per month of $20,000 per account.

Payment timeframe
  • Payments will appear on your account the next business day

Credit Card Payment

Make a credit card payment via the phone service. Credit cards accepted are; MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Diners. To access this service dial 1300 133 334 (option 1).

Payment timeframe
  • Payments made before 6pm will appear on your account by the end of the same day. (Payments after 6pm will appear by the end of the next business day)

Pay At Post Office

Present your payment slip and pay via cash, EFTPOS, cheque or money order at any post office. The Australia Post representative will provide you with a receipt for payment.

Please note: There is a $1.75 fee for Optus bill payments made at Australia Post.

Payment timeframe
  • Payments will be on your account the next day (normal processing time is around 4am the day after payment is made including Saturdays)

Credit Management Terms

Optus Business payment terms for an Optus Business mobile customer is 30 days from the date of bill issue.

If you haven't paid your bill by the due date, we'll send you reminder letters in case you've overlooked your bill, and let you know what will happen if your bill remains unpaid.

Depending on how overdue your bill is, you may receive different types of notices, such as a friendly reminder, pending suspension or pending cancellation letter and/or notice of service cancellation.

Each letter will let you know what the consequences are if the bill isn’t paid, such as suspension or cancellation of your service, and/or referral of the unpaid debt to a collection agency.

The letters will also let you know how to contact us to discuss payment arrangements and what your options are if you are experiencing financial difficulty.

Helpful hint: You might like to remove the ability to make international calls and premium sms's from your phone, as these services are often more expensive (and are excluded from any included value on most plans) to help reduce your monthly charges.

Customers should call 1300 133 334 if they need to speak to an Optus representative.

Account and Device Security

Optus will only speak to the account holder or any authorised representatives on that account. There are a range of Security Tools available to prevent unauthorised access to or use of your account and service.

Third Party Access

Nominating a person as a Third Party Authority (TPA) means you authorise them to inquire about, accept and create charges on your account, as well as providing them with access to your personal information.

To set up TPA access, please call Mobile End User team on 1300 133 334 or email corporate.mobile@optus.com.au for more information.

Device Security


Follow the instructions in your device's user guide to set the equipment lock feature. NEVER write down your PIN. If you forget your PIN or if you've entered your PIN incorrectly 3 times, you'll be asked for a PUK number. You can call Mobile End User team on 1300 133 334 to retrieve the PUK number.

Other Device Security Features

Most devices will have alternate security features to protect your personal and private information. This can include pattern locks, password lock, voice recognition security and more. Please refer to the device user guide to assist in setting up any device security feature and contact the manufacturer for any further assistance.