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Optus Mobile Threat Prevention powered by Check Point

Prevent cybercriminals from taking over your mobile device

Providing your employees with access to business information on the mobile devices they choose has many benefits, but it also exposes your business to risk.

Optus Mobile Threat Prevention (MTP) powered by Check Point, is an innovative approach to mobile security for iOS and Android devices that detects and stops mobile threats (e.g. man-in-the-middle, remote access Trojans, malicious profiles etc) before they start. Whether your data is at rest on a device or in flight through the cloud, Optus MTP helps protect you from vulnerabilities and attacks that put data at risk.

Mobile Security

When cybercriminals own your mobile devices – video from Check Point


Advanced application analysis – captures applications as they are downloaded to mobile devices, and analyses behaviour before being approved or flagged as malicious.
Detects network-based attacks – detects malicious network behaviour and conditions, and automatically disables suspicious networks to keep devices and your data safe.
Device vulnerability assessments – continuously analyses devices to uncover vulnerabilities and behaviours cyber criminals use to attack devices and steal information. Read more about MTP Behavioural Risk Analysis.
Integrates with MDM / EMM solutions – through integration with Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions it helps make the solution highly scalable, and delivers strong operational and deployment efficiencies for managing mobile security within a broader security infrastructure.


Optus Mobile Threat Prevention powered by Check Point Factsheet

Optus MTP - Behavioural Risk Analysis Factsheet


Using smartphones and tablets to access critical business information on the go has many benefits, but it can also expose your sensitive data to risk. Check Point’s iOS and Android security threat prevention protects your devices from advanced mobile threats, ensuring you can deploy and defend devices with confidence.

  • Protect sensitive information on mobile devices from cyber espionage
  • Improve visibility and protection against the latest mobile threats with mobile security that integrates easily into your existing mobility and security infrastructures (MDM, MAM, NAC, SIEM, etc.)
  • Augment the security measures of Microsoft Exchange and container/ wrapper solutions.
  • Enable rapid response to cross-platform advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks.
  • Preserve user experience and privacy, while adding the protection required by organisational or regulatory mandates.

Easy deployment – Optus MTP is designed to help secure mobile devices quickly and confidently .

Full mobile threat visibility and intelligence – Optus MTP’s cloud-based dashboard provides security and mobility teams with real-time threat intelligence and visibility into the quantity and types of mobile threats that could impact their business or users.

Optus Mobile Threat Prevention powered by Check Point, uses a cloud-based Behavioral Risk Engine (BRE) to perform in-depth threat analysis. In addition to the network, configuration, and root analysis data it collects, Optus MTP sends information about apps on a device to the BRE. It uses this data to analyse and detect suspicious activity, and produces a risk score based on the type and severity of risk. The risk score is then used to determine what automatic mitigation action is needed to keep a device and its data protected.

Advanced threat detection capabilities

Vector iOS Android


  • Jailbreaking
  • Verson-specific iOS exploits
  • Suspicious configuration changes
  • Rooting and root kits
  • Version- or device-specific Android exploits
  • Vulnerable configurations
  • File system tempering


  • Man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Malicious proxy and VPN profiles
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks


  • Malicious behaviours
  • Spyphones and RATs
  • Side-loading of apps using stolen or fake certificates
  • Malicious behaviours
  • Spyphones and RATs
  • Bots
  • SMS interception
  • Keylogging and credential theft
  • Screen scraping

Support FAQs

Optus can organise this for you if you would like to contact your Optus Business Sales representative or fill in the form below and we will be in contact with you shortly to arrange a time.

Yes you can and these are for a 3 week period. Please contact your Optus Business Sales representative to arrange a trial or or fill in the form below and we will be in contact with you shortly to arrange a time.

  • Add intelligence to your MDM investment.
  • Be able to understand the behaviour of all the apps that are within your environment.
  • Automatically quarantine corporate data from an attack.

Check out the video MobileIron Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention

The type of mobile threats being created and released are constantly changing. Using Optus Mobile Threat Prevention, you are able to also protect against unknown threats.

Please call 134315 for support relating to Optus Mobile Threat Prevention, powered by Check Point between the hours of 8am – 6pm (AEST).


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