Managed Secure Remote Access Service

Managed secure remote access and user authentication.

The workforce is becoming more mobile, which means many more people are seeking to access corporate information when they are on the move.

With these users connecting through the internet it is important to establish secure end-to-end communication to maintain the safety and integrity of your corporate network - usually referred to as access via a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

There are different ways to achieve secure, reliable virtual private networks.

Optus' Managed Secure Remote Access Service uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol built into most standard web browsers. SSL sessions enable internet capable devices to securely access an organisation's resources without needing client software installed on them. This empowers your users to use almost any device, such as in hotels, internet cafes, homes and mobile devices to access your network securely.

An alternative is Optus Wireless IP VPN which is specifically for access via mobile devices. The mobile SIM is used to validate access to your corporate network prior to establishing the VPN and any further authentication you may require.

With Optus' Managed Secure Remote Access service your users simply use your organisation's dedicated remote connect client software and login remotely, entering their username and password and, once authenticated, they connect through the secure gateway.

And with optional managed authentication you can also have us manage the onerous and complex task of continually monitoring and managing large numbers of users who access the network on a daily basis.


Monitoring - Our network operations centre monitors service operation and solution appliances on a 24 x 7 basis.

Configuration management - We update as required remote access VPN profiles, access control policies, endpoint security profiles and user account administration.

Software and patch management - We update the devices in the solution with the latest software and patch updates as they are released by the vendor

Service options - A range of optional service features including

  • Clustering for high availability (for certain appliance models only),
  • Host checking to validate security posture of the end device before allowing users to sign in
  • Secure virtual workspace which is encrypted on the accessing PC's hard disk, and destroyed once the SSL VPN session terminates
  • Cache Cleaner which removes temporary data on the user's device when the SSL VPN session is terminated

Authentication options - Radius, dual factor or customer LDAP connection


Simple remote access solution - Ability to work effectively and efficiently, as if physically in the office, anywhere in the world where Internet access is available.

Secure access - Improved confidentiality, integrity, availability and protection of critical business data even when accessed from public places such as internet cafes.

Easy to manage - Uses standard SSL-enabled web browsers to deliver secure access to your corporate IP VPN.

Leverage our skills - Gain access to certified security professionals, industry experience and best-of-breed technology.


The remote access solution encompasses three main devices to manage SSL remote access:

  1. SSL remote access VPN appliance

  2. Authentication servers (optional)

  3. RSA Access Manager appliance for Dual Factor Authentication (optional)

The remote access solution appliances are managed by Optus and can be hosted either "in-the-cloud" or corporate hosted.

We can populate the authentication database if the required information such as usernames and passwords is provided or this can be performed by your administrator through a front end tool.


We work with the following technology partner to deliver this service

  • Juniper Networks
  • RSA (for Token authentication)
  • Radiator (authentication server)


SSL Remote Access infrastructure overview

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