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Mobile apps

Think-learn-create mobile apps

In the changing workplace, businesses today are looking for smarter ways to work. Forward-thinking businesses are moving beyond simply mobile data and email, into mobile apps for improved efficiency, increased productivity, customer engagement and workforce collaboration.

A day in the life

See how mobile apps can improve your company's performance in a typical day. The video shows how an app can help different departments work together, plus various functions including CRM, social media and blogging, mobile learning, video-conferencing and dashboard meetings.

The future of apps

Mobility has become so important it is no longer just an IT responsibility, and should sit within your overall business strategy.

Taking a whole of business approach

To create a mobile strategy and successfully deploy an app, IT, HR, Operations, Sales and Marketing first need to understand each other's point of view.

Whole of Business

Information technology

"I'm looking for solutions that help me define our mobility strategy and reduce the cost, and effort of implementing it."

Solutions that drive cost and time efficiencies:

  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Strategic and Operational Consulting


"I need a solution that will make my marketing dollars work harder for me and achieve a higher volume of better qualified leads."

Solutions that make your marketing dollar work harder:

  • Machine2Machine - e.g. Digital Signage
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile File Management
  • Business Messaging Solutions

Human Resources

"I'm looking for solutions that will help me create a culture of highly engaged, productive and motivated employees."

Solutions that drive employee engagement:

  • Mobile CRM/ERP - Mobilise the Admin of Leave and expense approvals
  • Mobile Learning - Mandatory compliance training
  • Crisis Communication for OHS


"I need a solution that will help my sales teams sell more effectively, reduce sales cycles, increase the size of deals and increase the close ratios."

Solutions that help your sales team sell more effectively:

  • Mobile File Management
  • Mobile CRM/ERP
  • Mobile Learning
  • GPS Intelligence
  • Mobile Forms


"I need a solution that will reduce my headcount and overheads, allow me to be more accurate on forecasting the cost and quantities of material and improve our service levels."

Solutions that drive improved efficiency and effectiveness:

  • Machine2Machine
  • Mobile Learning
  • Mobile CRM/ERP
  • Mobile Forms
  • GPS Intelligence Solutions
  • Email SMS
  • Business Messaging Solutions

Working with Optus

Depending on your business needs and appetite for change, you can choose a more tactical or strategic approach when you're creating an app. Let us know how your business works, and together with one of our mobility partners, we can develop customised solutions. Alternatively, you can choose a pre-packaged solution.

Tactical approach Strategic approach

The tactical approach: start small, reduce the risk and prove the benefit quickly.

Not every mobile apps project has to be big, long and involved. If you're beginning your mobility journey and don't want to take it all on, you may want to run something within your own department or pilot a small project. Alternatively, you have a particular problem you want to fix and you want to drive a result quickly.

Options with a tactical approach:

  • Pre-packaged solutions - e.g. Mobile File Management, Mobile Forms, etc.
  • Stand-alone solutions with a cloud back end - no need for systems integration.
  • One mobile platform.
  • Leverage an Opex cost centre.
  • Convert your tech fund into innovations fund to kick of a pilot or run a mobility workshop.

The strategic approach: transform your business through mobility.

Transform the way you do business through mobility. If you have a mobility strategy, are planning one, or have experimented with smaller mobility projects and are looking for a truly integrated approach. For this project to get off the ground you need a business case and a solid ROI.

Options with a strategic approach:

  • Strategic and operational consulting.
  • Best practice for app development and deployment.
  • Policy development.
  • Custom application development and integration with back end systems.
  • Building the business case and ROI.

Mobility Applications Partners

To provide comprehensive business solutions, Optus Business combines its internal capabilities with an extensive network of partners that have experience working in particular industries and with specific hardware and software solutions. The Optus Business Mobility Application Partner Program gives you the security and strength of Optus Business, together with the focus and innovation or the best mobility application developers.

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