Wireless Security Monitoring

Manage the security of your premises with advanced surveillance solutions.

Do you have monitored security alarms?

Traditionally security alarm systems report back to the monitoring provider via a fixed telephone line. This is inefficient and expensive as you must maintain the fixed telephone line infrastructure, and pay for phone calls. The Optus wireless security solution transmits the alarms over a dedicated wireless network, with a fixed running cost and no upfront fee.

Security Communications Solutions International (SCSI) an Australian provider of security monitoring systems has used M2M to take their security services to a new level, providing significant benefits for their customers.

Optus Wireless Security Monitoring is offered in partnership with SCSI and Chubb. It uses the Optus mobile network to transmit security alarms to a network of over 30 monitoring providers.


The solution offering includes access to the security monitoring network plus the transmitter which can be purchased up front or amortised over a term. In the unlikely event your monitoring provider does not support wireless monitoring an introduction to a suitable monitoring provider in your area can be provided.

You can choose to use your existing security provider to install and monitor the service, alternatively we can introduce our partners to provide monitoring and installation.


  • Improved security - A wireless solution is harder to circumvent than fixed telephone lines so is inherently more secure.
  • Reduced operating cost - Removing the need for a fixed line saves both line rental and the uncertainty of call costs with a fixed monthly fee.
  • Polled security system - Polling provides a higher grade of security than a fixed line system which is triggered by events only.

The Wireless Alternative

Businesses are increasingly using wireless technologies in areas that traditionally depended on fixed-line services.


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