Managing M2M

Managing M2M deployments with ease.

Optus M2M Control Centre provides you with the right suite of tools for managing your M2M solutions. Even large-scale deployments can be readily managed helping you to get to market quickly, reduce operational expenses and activate new revenue streams.

You'll have the proven connectivity of the Optus network paired with a sophisticated, cloud-based platform to manage your connected devices. This platform, Optus M2M Control Centre, powered by Jasper Wireless, offers unique capabilities that can make a real difference in how quickly and successfully you grow your connected device business or enterprise deployment.

The best way to get started is with the M2M developer kit

In your M2M developer kit you get test SIMs plus hands-on experience with the power of Optus M2M Control Centre. You'll have full access to all the functionality of the platform, including diagnostic tools to help with development and APIs to integrate with your applications.

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Automated Provisioning - For automatic activation and billing when the end customer powers on the device. You can remotely set SIM states such as Test Ready, Inventory, Activation Ready and Activated.

Real-Time Diagnostics - Used to spot potential causes of operational hiccups, whether they arise from network, hardware or application issues.

Automation APIs - To access your M2M data using your existing systems, such as billing systems.

Custom Alerts - A fully configurable alert engine to keep you appraised of the things that matter most to your business.

Management Rules - Rules to define the activities you would like to monitor (such as data usage, SMS activity and SIM state change) and what actions to take when these activities are triggered.

Analytics Reports - Reporting data captured from your devices, providing insights that can help drive your business.

Inventory Management - Snapshots of activities such as data consumption by users, devices in session and SIM states helping you with better inventory management.

Customer Self-Service - You to create self-service functions for your customer to help reduce operational overheads. Also personalised views to control what each customer sees or does.


M2M Factsheet

Optus M2M Control Centre Factsheet


Gain strategic insight - Optus M2M Control Centre puts everything from data utilisation and costs to performance and provisioning status at your fingertips. You'll see important usage trends, which customers are the most profitable, which devices are the most costly, and whether your devices are working as expected in the field.

Troubleshoot problems instantly - Run detailed diagnostics on any device, online and in real-time, whether on the Optus network or roaming internationally. Check provisioning status, see connection session history and view real-time connectivity status. Identify connectivity issues and get the information you need to get them resolved quickly.

Control costs - Start with a "no-touch activation experience" - automatically activating your devices on the network as soon as your end users or installers switch them on in the field. Then utilise automated overage controls, notifications, and rules to control costs once your devices are in use. Minimise manual effort and use the automation engine in the Optus M2M Control Centre to help you to save time and money.

Program rules...without programming - Set custom rules easily in the Optus M2M Control Centre user interface, allowing you to boost productivity or control costs.

Integrate quickly with your own applications - Manage your business operations more efficiently and control devices directly from your own applications by using standards-based API calls to access data in the Optus M2M Control Centre. Integrate key components of the platform and use your own applications to monitor usage, send messages to your devices, assign rate plans, get invoice data, and more.


The best way to get started with Optus is with the M2M Developer Kit.

The developer kit gives you full access to all the functionality of Optus M2M Control Centre.

Use Optus M2M Control Centre's testing and diagnostic tools during development to troubleshoot and resolve connectivity issues quickly so you can:

  • Accelerate development and get to deployment faster
  • Ensure the device you bring to market provides quality performance and a good user experience.

Once you're in production, you'll continue to benefit from Control Centre's highly advanced yet easy-to-use self-service tools, as you use them to streamline operations, scale your business, and optimise the profitability of your connected device initiatives.

Control Centre delivers continuous innovation on a proven foundation and uses cloud-based delivery to ensure you always have the very latest technology to manage your connected devices.

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