Emergency Lift Phone PSTN Replacement

Ensure your lift is compliant. Update your emergency telephone services.

When the nbn™ (National Broadband Network) comes your way you will need to address the problem of your emergency telephone services not functioning in the event of power outages.

Traditional lift phones that that rely on power over PSTN line will no longer work in the case of a black out and therefore do not meet the required industry specifications.

Optus’ Emergency Lift Phone PSTN Replacement powered by Pixel replaces the need for PSTN and meets the required standards. Your communications can be migrated without interruption to existing services and without needing access to the lift cabinet which can be costly.


  • Battery back-up supply, up to 4 hours talk time with simple battery expansion if required.
  • Automatic fault notifications and remote management via SMS and online web service
  • Easy on-site installation and maintenance
  • Self-testing and reporting in accordance with EN: 81-28 standard
  • Designed to operate line powered telephones
  • SMS and voice communication with gain control
  • Compatible with emFONE and ACMA approved telephones as used by major lift manufacturers
  • Durable, self-contained wall cabinet designed for industrial application
  • Turn off line voltage to the FXS port when no SIM is present or the network in unavailable
  • The relay will open when power or network is unavailable


Emergency Lift Phone PSTN Replacement


Reliability – addresses the problem of the nbn not functioning in the event of power outages

Capability – allows dual-SIM providing extra protection in the event of mobile network outages

Certified – meets ACMA standards

Monitoring – 24/7

No changes to internal lift cabin required

Near instant updates – through SMS/email alerts, with the health of the device checked every 60 seconds

Detailed reporting dashboard


Installation is very easy.

The unit can be installed anywhere along the yellow line in the diagram, ensuring a quick and easy install without the need to access the lift cabin.

You can:

  • Install the system in the MDF Room and utilise the building’s existing telephone cabling to the Machine Room
  • Utilise the building’s electrical room with zero interference to the existing infrastructure
  • Install directly into the Machine Room

Emergency Lift Phone Replacment

A standalone solution to replacing existing duress and emergency service PSTN phone lines.

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