Digital Signage

Enhance participation and in-store experience with dynamic digital signage.

Consumers today are looking for a more engaging experience - something that adds considerable value beyond traditional static signage.

Digital signage driven by machine to machine (M2M) communication can deliver dynamic content, advertising, directional wayfinding, interactive touch screen concepts, emergency broadcasting and so much more.

Optus, together with our partner Entwined, offers a suite of digital signage solutions. Our solutions include infrastructure and content management efficiently delivered using the Optus mobile network, along with design and creative services. We are a true one stop shop for businesses and governments looking to improve digital interaction with customers or constituents.

Store of the future

These are exciting times for retailers and other businesses. See how digital technology can bring bricks and mortar environments to life - creating an omni-channel experience for the customer, before during and after their buying experience.


Choose from content-based advertising, proactive customer engagement, or personalised service, facilitated by a screen-equipped staff member, or a combination of these to meet your requirements.

  • Interactive technology
  • Simple and easy
  • Personalised experience

We will work with you to understand your digital strategy and provide customised signage solutions through design to rollout. Typically proof of concepts are utilised to ensure the solution has the designed impact. Contact your Optus Account Manager to discuss your needs.


Optus Digital Signage Factsheet


  • Enhancing the customer experience through digital signage to visually delight the customer, enticing them to then engage and interact through self-service to inform and personalise their buying experience
  • New methods of showcasing products and new ways to lay out stores when deploying digital signage technologies
  • Solution value-adds based on business objectives - such as the need to reduce print costs through to changing the customer service model based on customer behaviour


Help to deliver outstanding customer experience using Optus' end-to-end digital signage solution.


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