Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is set change the way we live, how businesses operate and the way cities are run. Here are just some of the exciting range of solutions available today.


Digital Signage

Enhance participation and in-store experience with dynamic digital signage

Digital signage driven by M2M communication can be used to make shopping in your store more engaging with:

  • dynamic content
  • advertising
  • interactive touch screens and more.


Wireless Security Monitoring

Manage the security of your premises with advanced surveillance solutions

Optus wireless security monitoring solution uses M2M technology to transmit the alarms over a dedicated wireless network instead of a fixed telephone line. Helps to improve security and reduce running costs.


Smart Energy Management

Leverage the power of the Internet of Things and Optus Energy Assist

Minimise the complexity and cost of applying "smarts" to your property with Optus Energy Assist. It's wireless so unlike many traditional solutions it doesn't require a heavy investment in the renovation of existing sites and wiring to be deployed.

Let Optus bring smart energy management to your properties, old and new.


Managing M2M

Managing your M2M deployments with ease

Optus M2M Control Centre lets you quickly and easily deploy M2M assets and manage them in the field.


Mobility Consulting Services

From Health Check to Mobile Enabled Business Transformation

Businesses everywhere are discovering the huge benefits offered by mobility to empower their workforce, engage customers and more. Wherever your business is in its mobility journey we have experts to help you understand the your options, set your path and guide you to the next level.

  • Mobility Health Check
  • Mobility Strategy and Planning
  • Mobility Solutions Advisory
  • Mobile Enabled Business Transformation.


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Mobile Threat Prevention

Detect and stop attacks on mobile devices before they start.

Mobile Apps

Think-learn-create mobile apps.


Enterprise Mobility Management

Easily manage and control smartphones and tablets.

How to optimise the mobile workforce

Leading organisations are using predictive analytics, machine-to-machine systems, distributed networks and the cloud to optimise their mobile workforce.