Mobilising your company's documents

Being able to access and use information when on the move.

Today's workforce is mobile. With so many workers operating outside of the office it is essential to provide them with access to the information, systems and processes that keep your business operating smoothly.

As a tier 1 telecommunications provider we provide secure mobile connectivity and management and security of your mobile devices and leverage the expertise of our information management professionals to help you provide seamless mobile access to your business content management systems.

Features of mobilising content

Here are some of the ways the enterprise content management systems we work with support mobile platforms:

  • Apps that deliver native enterprise content management functionality to tablets and smartphones
  • Content management websites that support mobile browsers
  • Mobile capture solutions enabling the mobile device to photograph information, fill in forms, scan documents, load into content management systems and trigger workflow.

The software and technology is available now to empower remote workers like never before. Having direct access to content can help them to improve productivity, provide new services, enhance customer service and collaborate with ease.

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