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Do you work in a dynamic, complex or highly regulated environment? Is important information in multiple systems? Is usability of your IT systems hampering productivity?

Enterprise grade knowledge management, powered by Knosys, helps to deliver better decision making and improved business outcomes by enabling its users to access information from current and legacy applications from one user interface. This creates a single information experience for users, accessible from any device.

Optus Knowledge Management Platform


Virtual knowledge indexing – Pioneering methodology indexes and virtualises information across multiple platforms without costly integration or impact on the existing platforms original purpose.

A powerful user experience – Information is presented with high relevancy to the specific role and/ or task, in line with specific business objectives. And the information is surrounded with tools relevant to the role, including business process, collaboration and feedback. Third party tools can also be integrated via the open API.

Business processes – Wizards facilitate improved decision making by guiding users through complex business processes, and presenting information in a tiered and manageable form.

Flexibile solutions to suit your business – deployed on your infrastructure or software as a service (SaaS) hosted on the Optus Managed Cloud platform.


Knowledge Management Platform factsheet

Why Buy

  • Better decision making – allows organisations to better capture, manage and utilise information to improve decision making.
  • Enhanced business processes – help increase productivity and quality of outcomes by injecting knowledge into complex decision making processes and guiding users by presenting information in a manageable and tiered form.
  • Dynamic business rules and alerts – enables business rule changes to be rapidly implemented, without redeployment and without retraining. Staff are empowered to respond to dynamic changes within the knowledge platform because it is a trusted information source.

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