Extracting Business Intelligence from Content

Searching and analysing content.

Important business information can reside in many places - for example, your content management system, network drives, in email messages, on websites and in enterprise social media.

Search can save the day

Being able to search and find information across all of the potential business sources can deliver enormous value to knowledge workers. And with this powerful search capability available via smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs, workplace agility can increase enormously.

Let's say, an account representative is on a sales call hears a complaint from a customer. In mere moments the history of the issue and all the conversations relating to it can be retrieved on their tablet so they can assure the customer of the actions being taken.

Would your business cope if it received an audit or a wide-ranging legal discovery request? How about a request for a very precise piece of information? Again search could save the day and save your business many thousands of dollars.

Business intelligence

There may be rich gems of information residing in the information accumulated by your business. Analytics and reporting tools can help you explore and pull out these insights.

Delivered through corporate portals, mobile browsers or apps, your business can track critical performance standards, be alerted to significant trends and access real-time analysis of your operational processes. Gaining these critical insights through a variety of dashboards, including charts, traffic lights and other report formats provides access to the business information you need to make good decisions when you need it.

Ask us about enterprise level search engines and the ways you can enhance your business intelligence today.

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