EDRMS as a Service (EDRMSaaS)

A subscription based, cloud service delivering HPE Content Manager

Is the cost of providing EDRMS functionality to your organisation going up every year? Do you have fluctuations in the number of users who use HPE Content Manager? Are you looking for a more flexible expenditure model? Then Optus EDRMSaaS (EDRMS as a service) could be the answer for you.

Optus EDRMSaaS combines HPE Content Manager and Optus cloud and service management capability together with the expertise of our highly experienced ECM (enterprise content management) group in installing, integrating, managing and supporting HPE Content Manager in Australia. This enables us to deliver HPE Content Manager to you as a service for a standard monthly subscription price fixed per user for the term of the agreement. This standard user subscription price includes the HPE Content Manager software licence, application support, service management, managed services, hardware platform, data centre services, network link (IN), initial storage space and storage space increases of 30% each year at no additional cost (usage in excess of this may attract additional costs).

Optus EDRMSaaS combines HP Records Manager and Optus cloud and service management

Optus EDRMSaaS is the first cloud based offering of HPE Content Manager in the market and is a recognition of the move to cloud based services by most organisations. We are in the unique position of being able to combine our network, cloud, support and EDRMS services to provide you with a single, one stop shop solution.


  • Predictable monthly subscription billing leveraging Optus’ economies of scale to help reduce your costs.
  • Cloud based service which means you don’t have the cost and hassles of ownership of hardware or software
  • End to end management and support of the service by Optus.
  • Ability to retain your existing HPE licences if already a HPE Content Manager or HP TRIM user. Speak with your Optus sales agent to see if this option is right for you.
  • Flexibility to add capability and services such as disaster recovery, test and training environments and Record Manager functions.
  • The application is available on any device through any web browser. The document is not downloaded to the device but rather, it resides securely on the cloud based server.


Optus is the largest reseller of HPE Content Manager in Australia and has a great depth of experience in implementing, integrating and supporting the application as well as providing our own in-house developed, application enhancing add ins. This expertise is available to you through Optus EDRMSaaS which:

  • Offers a lower entry point and lower total cost of ownership than for HPE Content Manager offered as an on-premise EDRMS solution.
  • Being a cloud based service provides a known and predictable monthly subscription fee only subject to storage usage in excess of the licensed storage level optional extra Optus developed products and services and no ongoing capital expenditure (Depending on your organisation, there may be some capital expenditure costs associated with moving to Optus EDRMSaaS)
  • Provides flexibility to add capability and services and add new environments such as test, development and training environments when required.
  • For government customers, caters for movement of staff due to machinery of government changes in keeping with the benefits identified with a ‘Cloud First’ strategy.


The Optus EDRMSaaS solution provides a standard environment comprising servers, CPU, RAM, database, storage and backup. There are 4 categories – small, medium, large and extra large – based on the number of seats for your organisation. Storage growth of 30% per annum has been factored in for each category.

In addition Optus EDRMSaaS utilises standard capabilities within Optus such as Service Desk and Managed Services.

The move is easy. Changing from your current on-premise solution to the Optus EDRMSaaS environment is simply a matter of moving (no converting) the data and copying your HPE Content Manager configuration. If an HPE Content Manager upgrade is required it is no more complex than conducting an on-premise upgrade.


HPE Content Manager, Optus Managed Cloud and our expert team – a powerful combination to meet your EDRMS needs.



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