Optus Mobile Device Management

Easily manage and control smartphones and tablets

Based on growing personal experience with smart mobile devices, employees today expect to be able to connect to corporate systems whenever they want, from any location. The delineation of personal and work devices has become one of the key challenges for organisations as employees bring their own devices to work.

Advances in device and network technologies also present great opportunities for organisations to improve productivity and reduce costs through mobilisation of their workforce.

Optus Mobile Device Management can help you to take advantage of these changes by helping you to manage the influx of company-issued and personal smartphones and tablets in the workplace, enabling you to develop policies and procedures including how the devices can be used and what applications and data can be accessed.


Optus Mobile Device Management, powered by Industry leading Mobile Iron, Inc. software, provides rich functionality including:

  • Device management across most mobile device operating systems - enabling you to empower your workforce with the right devices and applications for their needs, including their own devices.
  • Central web-based management - of inventory and assets, device configuration, policies, and applications for effective control of devices throughout their lifecycle.
  • Security management - through features such as password control, encryption, remote lock and wipe, blocking unauthorised access and lost phone recovery.
  • Optional services - to meet your organisation's specific needs. These include end user training, 24-hour, 7 day a week software support, onsite support, dual redundant servers for high uptime and availability and the ability to have it hosted.
  • Premium Managed Service Option - to make things even easier you can also have your solution managed and fully outsourced by our Premium Managed Services desk.


Enterprise Mobility Management Factsheet


Optus Mobile Device Management can help you reduce the pressure on your IT resource and easily manage and control the devices used within your business:

  • Supporting your mobility strategy with the ability to deploy applications within your own corporate environment.
  • Implement and enforce your company's corporate policy on BYO devices.
  • Ability to maintain a database for devices that are registered with your Optus MDM Software.
  • Increase IT efficiency through user self-governance with the end user self service portal functionality, which allows end users to register their devices, lock or wipe their devices remotely or help locate their devices.
  • Achieve flexibility and productivity benefits without the management load.
  • Limit risky device features.
  • Quickly and easily scalable for your organisation.
  • Risk mitigation through the remote wipe, lock and locate functionality and more.


The set up involves Optus arranging installation and configuration of the servers for your organisation, and training for your System Administrator. Optus will provide access for your System Administrator to updates, upgrades and new releases on the software, and ongoing help desk support (between the hours of 8am-6pm AEST excluding public holidays).

You manage the MDM service yourself, add or change users and increase the number of licence subscriptions via the software administration interface provided. You also define your own policies, using the functionality available to you with this product. Or if you take up the Premium Managed Service option Optus will manage it all for you.

For your end users implementing MDM is easy - the installation is activated by a hyperlink within an SMS (Short Message Service).


Hardware and/or virtual appliances must be provided by the customer. Specifications can be found in the service description at optus.com.au/standardagreements.


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