EDRMS as a Service (EDRMSaaS)

EDRMS as a Service (EDRMSaaS)

A subscription based, cloud service delivering HPE Content Manager

Optus’ HPE Content Manager expertise and our highly resilient Optus Managed Cloud – it’s a powerful combination set to deliver a new level of flexibility for your electronic documents and record management solution (EDRMS) requirements.


Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Contact and collaborate with UCaaS.

With Optus UCaaS you have the latest in communications tools without the hassle.

It's a business grade unified communications and collaboration service that provides the simplicity of a hosted solution with the control and flexibility of a premise-based solution.

Intelligent Communications as a Service (ICaaS)

Intelligent Communications as a Service (ICaaS)

Connecting insights from your systems to people that matter

Optus’ ICaaS is suite of intelligent communications solutions powered by xMatters to provide real-time alerting and communication for mission-critical information.

Let us help you to notify the right people with the right message for IT management, business continuity management, proactive communications, business operations and more.


Business Intelligence and Analytics

Great user experience and great infrastructure brought to life

Quicky build compelling native mobile apps to improve the productivy of executives, saleforce and employees using our code-free, enterprise-class mobile applications platform, powered by MicroStrategy.


Mobile Content Enablement Platform

Enable workforces to be more productive on their mobile devices

Revolutionise the type of business that can be conducted on compatible mobile devices by transforming the way users interact, present, collaborate and engage with customers with content.

Deliver the right content to the right mobile users based on role, time, location, association and/or event - with all the automation and tools needed to engage with content in one integrated, intuitive platform.


Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS)

Set your business apart with a premium centralised system

CCaaS is a simplified, cost-effective cloud solution that can make things easier for your customers and your IT department without significant capital expenditure. Using advanced multimedia channels, it supports conversations over voice, web, email and social media. CCaaS can be coupled to advanced Workforce Optimisation solutions to build productivity and customer satisfaction outcomes.


Mobility Consulting Services

From Health Check to Mobile Enabled Business Transformation

Businesses everywhere are discovering the huge benefits offered by mobility to empower their workforce, engage customers and more. Wherever your business is in its mobility journey we have experts to help you understand the your options, set your path and guide you to the next level.

  • Mobility Health Check
  • Mobility Strategy and Planning
  • Mobility Solutions Advisory
  • Mobile Enabled Business Transformation.


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