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Quickly build interactive, elegant, cost effective native mobile apps.

Delivering mobile business applications and great user experience involves more than porting existing workstation-based screens to mobile devices. A new breed of mobile applications is required.

Smart business apps on the go

Optus Mobile Apps for Business, powered by the MicroStrategy platform, helps organisations build and deliver business intelligence, workflows, transactions and multimedia in compelling business and customer native apps.

This powerful code-free platform supports a full range of mobile application development and analytic functionality, from stunning business dashboards to sophisticated statistical analysis and data mining. And you can start small and seamlessly scale to an enterprise deployment.

Our partner, MicroStrategy has a market leading position for business intelligence and analytics driven by key factors, including:

  • Strong support for a wide array of databases and multiple data repositories from which to pull organisational data for holistic, cross-business analytics and decision support.
  • An understanding that mobile devices change the way people work so have invested in extensive workflow, forms, transactional capabilities and security.
  • A platform that assists with rapid mobilisation of business intelligence reports.
  • Strong, intuitive visualisation that takes advantage of native mobile device capabilities.
  • A focus on high performance processing to support rapid response and reliability fo remote workers.

Call your Optus account manager or contact us to learn how we can assist your business transformation with rapid development of interactive intelligence-based applications for mobile devices.


We can help you build:

Native apps - provide users with great experience across IOS, Android, mobile phones and tablets.

Compelling workflows - gracefully present processes in the mobile phone and tablet.

Contextual apps - absorb contextual inputs like location (GPS), barcode (camera), device orientation (rotation), and user (personalistation) to drive the app experience.

Secure apps - protect your data with a combination of sophisticated security capabilities - both as the data travels to and from the device and as it's stored on the device.

Systems apps - transact with operational systems allowing you to build compelling apps for new or existing business processes.

Integrated native mapping - plots geo-locational data directly onto integrated native maps.

Fast apps - handle the complex questions and transactions from thousands of users concurrently.

Offline, online capabilities - optimise the user experience for the varying levels of connectivity (Wi-FI, 4G, 3G, or offline).


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Do something about removing costly bottlenecks - Business apps, built quickly and deployed with the MicroStrategy Mobile App Platform, can arm your employees and executives with smartphone and tablet apps that mobilise critical processes and assist with adding more value to your internal users and customers.

Inject intelligence at the point of decision making - The smartphone and tablet revolution can help you to make business decisions on the go, in executive boardrooms and face to face with clients.

Say goodbye to clumsy - Don't short change your users with an awkward web experience ported to mobile. Provide them with native, touch optimised mobile Business Intelligence.


Download the demo app to explore the power of the MicroStrategy mobile Apps platform.

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Executives who previously relied on staff to deliver business intelligence to them in paper reports feel at home manipulating the information at their fingertips. With mobile business intelligence, executives can take actions within the apps, helping them to control the business immediately, and cut out the middleman from their decision making.

On any given day, your frontline workforce may be recording information on site, only to reprocess it later in the day - often spending hours double handling, with no way of guaranteeing data accuracy or completeness.

Mobilising these everyday processes and tasks that previously had to be performed on a computer at their desk can help improve productivity. Tablet apps can also help drive spontaneous, interactive information exchange with customers so questions can be answered quickly and orders placed on-the-go.


How we can help you to quickly build, deploy, maintain and monitor compelling native mobile apps.



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