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Optus VoiceMail

Turn your mobile phone into a personalised answering service.

Never worry about missing a call again, with Optus VoiceMail.

Optus VoiceMail turns your mobile phone into an answering machine. If you're already on the phone or if you can't answer, your callers can record a message for you. Optus Voicemail will notify you when you have a message so you can play it back when you're free.


Get messages even if your phone is off, out of coverage or busy - incoming calls will go straight to Optus Voicemail so you'll never miss a caller.

Personal touch - Greet callers with your own recorded personal greeting.

Get your messages your way - Choose to dial in for your messages, have them delivered straight to your phone as an audio MMS or have Optus Voicemail call you and play them back. You can even send an SMS request to have your messages played back, or access your messages from any phone in Australia.*

Full-featured messaging - including enhanced services like call return and reminder calls, and separate greetings for business hours and other times.

Security Notice: To protect your privacy, Optus Business strongly encourages you to change your VoiceMail PIN from the default PIN (the last 4 digits of your phone number) to a 4-9 digit PIN of your choice.

*There is an additional charge for the MMS or voice call return. This is charged according to your rate plan for the call type.


Optus 321 Voicemail User Guide


Never miss a call - It always happens: you're waiting all day for an important customer call, and when it comes, you're either already on the phone or you can’t answer it. With Optus Voicemail, you'll never miss a call again.

Dial-back convenience - If the caller leaves a message, you can dial them back directly from the Voicemail system using the Call Return feature. So even if you're out and about and don't have a pen handy, you can take immediate action.

Personalise your answering service - Make Optus Voicemail your own, with personalised call greetings and multiple options for message notifications.


The Optus Voicemail system sits on the Optus Mobile network. When you set your phone to divert* to the voicemail number (321), calls are sent to the system which then manages them in accordance with your preferences. For example, you can record different greetings for callers at different times of day, or who to call when the phone is busy or not answered.

Optus Voicemail offers different options for voice message retrieval*:

  • SMS notification of the message (dial in to 321 to retrieve the message)
  • Message recorded as an MMS then sent to your MMS-compatible mobile phone
  • Optus Voicemail system will call your mobile and play the message back to you.
  • SMS 'A' to 321 to have Optus Voicemail call you and play your messages.

A user tutorial teaches new users about the functions when they first set up their Voicemail.

*Diversion and retrieval charges apply.


VoiceMail works on all Optus mobile handsets. There is no software or other equipment required.

To set up VoiceMail, all you need to do is set your phone to divert to the VoiceMail service number (321). You can set diversions for when the phone is busy, out of range or turned off. You can also set all your calls to divert to VoiceMail, for example, if you are in a meeting*.

*Diversion and retrieval charges apply.

Support FAQs

You will need to contact Customer Care on 1300 133 334 to have this reset.

Before you leave Australia, you should enter the diversion code **21*+61411000321#then press SEND.

Please be aware that accessing your VoiceMail while overseas will incur the costs of an International phone call.

In some cases the diversion might not be successful. This can happen when you have VoiceMail already activated.

To cancel all diverts enter: ##002#then press SEND

When you want to listen to your VoiceMails simply send an SMS to '321' containing just the letter A and your VoiceMail will call you straight back and play you your messages.

You can also dial in to +61 411 000 321 but you will need your security PIN to access your messages unless you have changes your personal preferences to not require this.

Please be aware that accessing your VoiceMail while overseas will incur the costs of an International phone call.

No, you will still be able to return the call however you will be asked to enter the number. (i.e. the first prompt will give you the same options as usual, including press '6' to return the call. Then, if you press '6', the next prompt will ask you to enter a number or press * to exit.)

Yes, you will be charged for all calls returned, however remember the Call Return number is played to customer before connecting the call as a way to confirm that this the number to be dialled.

Optus VoiceMail Call Return allows you to return a call from within your VoiceMail box. It is only available when you are accessing VoiceMail from your mobile handset - you cannot use it when you are accessing your mailbox remotely.

If you are in Australia, simply dial 321 from your mobile phone to access your Voicemail.

Alternatively, you can access it from another phone (eg a landline) by dialling 133 321. You will need to enter your mobile number and the 4-digit PIN for your voicemail box to access your messages. Your PIN is set up when you first set up your mailbox.

If you are overseas, dial +61411000321 or send an SMS to '321' containing just the letter A. Please be aware that accessing your VoiceMail while overseas will incur the costs of an International phone call.

To access your mailbox remotely, you can call 133 321 from any landline. You will need to enter your mobile number and the 4-digit PIN for your voicemail box to access your messages. Your PIN is set up when you first set up your mailbox.

When you access the VoiceMail service for the first time you will be prompted to change the default PIN number (The FAQ How do I setup Optus VoiceMail? explains this procedure). To change your PIN number after initial setup do the following:

  1. Dial: 321 (free call)

  2. Follow the Voice guided prompts for "Personal Options"

You can get message notifications via SMS, MMS or Callback. For information on any of these features or to change your VoiceMail delivery method you can log into My Account and follow the links to the 'Set up VoiceMail' section.

From your mobile:

  • Dial 321 to access your VoiceMail box

From a touchtone phone:

  • Dial 133 321 to access your VoiceMail box
  • At the prompt, enter your mobile number followed by the # (hash) key.
  • Enter your 4 to 9 digit PIN followed by #key.

Your messages will be played in the order they were received. At the end of each new message you will be given the option to save, delete or replay the message, or return the call from the VoiceMail box.

Message Options:

  • Press 5 to save message
  • Press 3 to delete message
  • Press 7 to replay message
  • Press 6 to return the call
  • Press * to exit the system

Once the call ends, any messages that have been requested to be deleted cannot be recovered.

You will receive an SMS from 321 advising you have a new voicemail message.

You can set up Voicemail direct from your mobile or from any touchtone phone.

From Your Mobile

  1. Call 321 (this is the Voicemail Access number)

  2. Follow the tutorial prompts.

    • You will be asked to customise your PIN, name and greeting.

    • Initially your PIN will be sent in an SMS message to your handset. You will need to reset it to a 4 to 9 digit number of your choice.

    • You must complete the tutorial in full to ensure the VoiceMail box is set up.

  3. Your diversions to VoiceMail have been set on the Optus network. However, please ensure your handset diversions have been set according to the handset Manufacturer's user guide.

If someone hangs up without leaving a voicemail message for you, Call Recall will send an SMS to your phone with the caller's number. If the caller's number is not known (for example, if they have a silent number), no Call Recall SMS will be sent.

Billing FAQs

Optus Voicemail pricing is straightforward. You simply pay diversion costs to 321 for incoming calls, as well as retrieval costs for picking up your messages.

Standard VoiceMail rates are in the table below.

Peak retrievals (7am - 7pm Mon-Sat) 11 c per 30 seconds or part thereof
Off Peak retrievals (all other times) 16.5 c per 30 seconds or part thereof
Diversion 5.5c per 30 seconds or part thereof
Call Return Retrieval rate plus call costs (call costs as per customers rate plan for call type)
Call Recall Free of charge

Note: all pricing is GST inclusive. Some mobile phone plans may offer a discount on VoiceMail, so please check with you Optus Account Manager.

Please call the billing contact number on your invoice, your assigned service desk or otherwise call 134 315, Monday to Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm AEST for other enquiries.

Voicemail User Guide

Everything you need to set up and use Optus VoiceMail.


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