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Optus MMS

Bring your SMS to life - send photos, videos, audio and text.

In business, sometimes you need more than SMS to get your message across.

Optus MMS brings SMS to life. It's a simple way to send and receive photos, audio, video and text from any MMS capable handset.

Record a voice note and send it to your team, take a picture of a site and send it to a customer, send your boss the text of an email you want signed off - MMS opens your mobile to new possibilities.


Optus MMS lets you:

  • Send multimedia messages: Send the information which is relevant to your industry - a long text document, a photo, a video or an audio recording.
  • Send to email addresses or to mobile phones: you can send your MMS to other mobile numbers* or to email addresses, for instant communication.

If your recipient has an MMS-compatible handset, they will be able to see your message directly on their phone.


Simple mobile messaging - MMS is built-in to many mobile handsets so it's simple to use. And because you can send to mobiles and to email, you can pick the best way to reach people.

Low-priced team messaging - Send the same MMS message to multiple email recipients, for the same price as sending to one.

Flexible efficiency - MMS lets you send and receive text, images, video and audio, so you can use it to review text documents, send voice instructions, or report back with proof that work has been done...instantly.


The Optus MMS service is managed by the MMS ('Multimedia Messaging Service') server, which is on the Optus Mobile network. When you create an MMS and send it to a mobile number or an email address, the message is sent, via GPRS, to the MMS server which then sends it to the recipient.

  • Sending to mobile numbers: If the recipient has MMS activated, they will receive the message directly to their handset.
  • Sending to email: The MMS server will send the MMS as an email to the nominated email address.

MMS can be sent to any mobile number in Australia and to many mobile numbers overseas. You can even send MMS when you are travelling to countries where Optus Data Roaming is available.


To send and receive Optus MMS on your mobile phone, you will need an MMS-capable handset which has been activated for GPRS and MMS.

Product FAQs

Optus MMS messages may be sent to recipients with compatible MMS phones on Optus, Telstra, Vodafone and participating service provider networks and to any valid email address.

Support FAQs

The MMS standards do not specify a maximum size for an MMS message. Message size can be limited by the capability of the handset to receive and store large files. Typical MMS size is expected to be between 30kb - 100kb.

To send an MMS to someone overseas enter + followed by country code and mobile number excluding the first zero.

For example, to send an MMS to a SingTel mobile number enter +65 (mobile number excluding the first zero).

MMS can include more than one image / picture. The capability to display multiple images varies depending on the phone used.

Yes, you may send and receive MMS messages to and from networks within Australia and overseas networks, with which Optus has an International MMS agreement.

Use our Global Roaming tool to see which roaming services are available in countries you are visiting.

MMS can only be sent to MMS capable handsets.

Billing FAQs

Optus MMS* is priced per message sent. There is no cost to receive an MMS in Australia. Standard MMS rates are below. Note that your mobile rate plan may have different pricing for MMS.

Send an MMS to an Australian mobile phone 50c (inc GST) per recipient, per MMS
Send an MMS to an overseas mobile phone 75c (inc GST) per recipient, per MMS
Send an MMS to an email address 50c (inc GST) per MMS, regardless of number of email recipients.

You can also send and receive MMS in many countries overseas. Use our Global Roaming Tool on the left to find out whether MMS is available in the country you are travelling to, and how much it will cost.

*International MMS is available with participating networks only. Some recipients of International MMS may not be able to reply. Message charges are incurred on sending the message regardless if successfully delivered or not. Optus MMS and Optus Email MMS only available to Optus Mobile Digital Customers with MMS compatible handsets that are activated for MMS. Optus accepts no liability for any loss or damage as a result of delay in receiving a message, a message not being secure or received.

No. MMS customers are not charged for the GPRS component utilised during the carriage of their MMS message through the network. They are charged only for the message itself.

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