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Sometimes it's smarter not to talk but still communicate quickly, privately and in real-time.


Optus SMS

Send and receive text messages in Australia and internationally.

Send SMS to colleagues, friends and family in Australia and all over the globe.


Optus MMS

Bring your SMS to life - send photos, videos, audio and text.

In business, sometimes you need more than SMS to get your message across. Record a voice note and send it to your team, take a picture of a site and send it to a customer - MMS opens your mobile to new possibilities.


Optus VoiceMail

Turn your mobile phone into a personalised answering service.

If you're already on the phone or if you can't answer, your callers can record a message for you. Optus Voicemail will notify you when you have a message so you can play it back when you're free.


Optus Voice to Text

The convenience of Voicemails received as Text messages you can read anywhere

Have your messages converted to text so you can receive them quickly and discreetly, no matter where you are. Your voicemail messages will still available for you to listen to if you want to check them later.


Missed Call Service

Get messages easily.

Get your messages without dialing into a mailbox. This service captures short voice messages, converts them to text and sends to you as an SMS message.


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