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With mobile email and internet, employees can respond to emails and manage appointments while out and about. And with information available on the go, they can respond quickly and effectively for better customer service.


Emailing on the go

Have more of your workforce working smart on the move.

Email server options - We work with leading email platform providers including BlackBerry, Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Domino and Novell Groupwise.

Devices - Choose from a wide range of suitable smartphones and tablets across popular operating systems such as Microsoft Windows Mobile™, Apple iOS™ and Google Android™.

Customised plans - Select from mobile plans built for business. They can include voice, data and technology funds making it easy for you to choose the mix that's right for the way your people work.

Mobile email integration and management services - To help make your mobile email implementation simple and painless. Learn more about our mobile email integration and management services.

Optus Business Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband for business fleets on the move

Optus Business Mobile Broadband has been designed especially to make life easier for business people on the move.

With new mobile devices, innovative applications and the Optus mobile network, business professionals can now access up-to-date corporate data wherever and whenever they are connected. Helping organisations to:

  • provide better customer service
  • streamline processes
  • reduce costs
  • unleash new ways of doing business.

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Optus Data Fleet Plans

Easily share mobile data allowances across your fleet

Take advantage of this data-only solution that works with Optus Business Mobile Broadband, Optus Wireless IP VPN or Microsoft DirectPush email. Improve how your fleet uses mobile data and control costs, sharing data helps you get the most out of your allowance and reduces the risk of excess charges.

Plans feature:

  • Easy addition or removal of users as your fleet changes, with no cancellation fees.
  • Your choice of contract - either a 24 or 36 month contract, depending on your needs.

Speak to an Optus mobility expert about how the Optus Data Fleet Plan can help your fleet today. Call us on 1800 555 937 or LEARN MORE

BlackBerry® Solutions

Fast, secure and reliable push email and mobile data access for your phone.

Designed for the enterprise, the BlackBerry solution offers enterprise-grade security features, centralised user and device administration.


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