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Group Call

Make group conference calls from your mobile.

Getting a group of people together for quick collaboration on their mobiles can help you save time and boost productivity

With Group Call it's easy to initiate a conference call from your mobile. You don't need to obtain a teleconference number and send the number to participants. You can use your mobile phone to join in up to five participants at a moment's notice.


Make a group call - You can conference in up to 5 parties.

Call any number - The conference participants can be on mobiles, fixed voice lines, international numbers or Optus Converged Voice extensions.

No service fee - there is no fee for using the Group Call service. You will simply be charged normal voice billing for the call to each of the parties in the conference.

Available on your Optus mobile - This service is automatically available on all Optus mobile voice services (iPhone users must be at iOS 4.2 release level or above).


Easy collaboration - enables you to collaborate with colleagues and business partners with ease.

Improve productivity - Get a group together via your mobile phone without fuss so business decisions can be made more quickly.

Product FAQs

The group call terminates when the person who initiated it hangs up. Individual participants in the group call may leave at any time simply by hanging up.

"Call Hold", "Call Waiting" and "Multi Party" must be enabled on your mobile service for you to be able to make Group Calls.

  1. Make a phone call to a phone number. This can be a mobile phone, fixed line or Optus Converged Voice extension.

  2. Place the first called party on hold Make a second call to a phone number. Join these two calls together to make a conference call.

  3. Participants will be advised by recorded message that they are being joined into a group call conference.

  4. To add more parties into the group call repeat steps 1-4 above. You may add up to 5 called parties.

The procedure for placing calls on hold and joining calls together is handset dependent. Please refer to your handset guide for instructions.

Billing FAQs

Group calls will appear on the call initiator's bill as normal voice calls to each participant with overlapping start and end times. There is no fee for using the Group Call service.

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