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Optus AutoRoam

Use your mobile phone to make calls and use SMS when you're overseas.

Keep in touch even when you're out of Australia with Optus AutoRoam™.

Optus' mobile services, like voice calls, SMS and video-calling, keep working in the same familiar way when you're overseas.

We're making it easy for you to communicate with colleagues, customers and family regardless of where your work sends you.


Almost anywhere in the world where you touch down, you'll find keeping in touch easy with Optus AutoRoam™ and your mobile phone.

With Optus AutoRoam™ you can make and receive calls and SMS in over 170 countries on over 360 overseas carrier networks as easily as if you were at home.

Your mobile number stays the same, so that you know you can be contacted. And your call charges are billed back to your Optus account in Australian dollars, so there's no confusion.

Click here to see countries and Optus AutoRoam™ roaming rates.

Want to find out more? Contact your Optus Account Manager today to discuss roaming options for your business.


Stay connected in more places - With over 360 roaming partners in more than 170 countries, Optus helps you keep in touch when you're travelling. Use our Global Roaming tool to see countries and roaming rates.

Familiar products and services - Use your Optus mobile for voice calls and to send and receive SMS while you're away. And many countries also support video-call roaming, so you can see and speak to colleagues and family.


Optus AutoRoam™ is a great tool to keep you connected when you're travelling overseas. Do the things you do when you're in Australia, like sending and receiving SMS or making voice and video calls, thanks to Optus' roaming partnerships with carriers in over 170 countries. (Video calling is available in over 40 countries).


Optus AutoRoam™ lets you use your voice, SMS and video call services on selected overseas mobile networks with which Optus has roaming partnerships. When you arrive, your phone will automatically view available networks so all you need to do is connect via your handset. You should not have to change your phone settings.

Video Roaming is not available in all countries or on all networks.

Please use our Global Roaming tool to check which services are available at your destination. If your mobile phone hasn't automatically connected you to one of these networks, you'll need to select the network manually by following the instructions in your mobile's user guide.


In order to make roaming calls you will need to enable your mobile account for AutoRoam by contacting Optus Customer Service.

Voice roaming is available in all countries where Optus has international roaming in place. Some countries and networks may operate on a frequency that is not compatible with your Optus handset and you may therefore need to use another handset. A quadband handset can normally be used in almost any country. To view network frequency details for your destination use our Global Roaming tool.

For video-call roaming you will need a handset which supports video-calling and you will need to be connected to a carrier at your destination which supports video-call roaming. To view which services are available at your destination use our Global Roaming tool.

Product FAQs

Simply dial +61293425678 to access Optus Customer Care.

Note: Optus Customer Care operates between 8am to 7pm Australian EST

Billing FAQs

Please call the billing contact number on your invoice, your assigned service desk or otherwise call 134 315, Monday to Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm AEST for other enquiries.

Roaming prices are calculated a little bit differently from your normal mobile plan rates:

  • You pay per minute (or part thereof) to make a voice or video call
  • You pay per minute (or part thereof) to receive a voice or video call
  • You pay per SMS sent
  • No charge to receive SMS.

Use our Global Roaming tool to find out call rates in the country you are visiting.

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