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Optus Mobile Data Fleet Plans

Share generous mobile data allowances across your fleet and save.

If you use Optus Business Mobile Broadband, Optus Wireless IP VPN or Microsoft DirectPush email, Mobile Data Fleet plans are the innovative way to share your mobile data costs across your entire fleet.

These data-only plans give you a shared data allowance across all users in your fleet. This means heavy users are offset by light data users so you get to maximise your allowance.

You can even change the number of users in your fleet as your mobility needs change - so long as you stay within your fleet-level monthly data allowance.

Mobile Data Fleet plans also offer Technology Fund options so you can upgrade to the latest hardware.


Account level volume of mobile data - For a fixed monthly fee, you get a generous mobile data allowance which is shared between all your users, reducing the risk of excess usage charges. You can easily add and remove users as your fleet changes, with no cancellation fees.

24 month or 36 month contract.

Technology Fund - Get the latest Optus mobile devices for your staff through the Technology Fund.

Talk to your Optus Account Manager today about how Mobile Data Fleet Plans can help your business.


Control your mobile data - Mobile Data Fleet Plans let your business easily maximise its mobile data allowance usage by sharing data across your fleet.

Refresh your mobile fleet - Access to Technology Funds gives you the latest devices for executives and fleet end-users.

Optus network coverage and reliability - Optus' mobile networks are being constantly expanded for even greater coverage all around Australia. See our coverage.

Dedicated customer support team for Optus Business customers.

Designed for business - We make managing your fleet as easy and cost effective as possible. Order mobile hardware online or get enterprise-grade reporting with Optus Mobile Fleet.

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