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Optus Enterprise Mobile Broadband

Business Mobile broadband the optimum package for business users.

Optus Business Mobile Broadband is built for business users, including senior executives, sales representatives, operations staff, technical teams, professionals, managers, delivery drivers and site inspectors.

We offer a wide range of Mobile Broadband products, plans and additional services that can provide you with highly reliable mobile broadband performance, ease of use, flexible pricing and the support you need with access to certified mobility specialises who understand business.

Optus Business Mobile Broadband solutions


Optus Business Mobile Broadband includes a range of plans and products to suit a wide range of business needs. We offer:

  • Data fleet and aggregated plans that provide the flexibility to vary services within a plan - up to the maximum number of users - with no additional costs, along with the ability to upgrade your plan at any time as your business grows
  • Stand-alone plans that allow organisations with a small number of users to manage each user's data allowance on an individual basis.

We have the tools and services you need to leverage the power of mobile broadband:

  • An extensive range of mobile devices. Optus Business works closely with leading mobile device vendors and software providers to offer a range of products that meet your mobility requirements. Select from a range of USB modems, Wi-Fi hotspots, routers and tablets that support the major operating systems.
  • The Optus 4G Plus network. Our Optus superfast 4G Plus mobile network keeps getting bigger and better. Faster data speeds means less time waiting and reduced latency^.

Let Optus Business help you fully mobilise your business by combining our Mobile Broadband plans with our other solutions such as Optus Wireless IP VPN and mobilty applications.

^COVERAGE: With 3G devices, you can access our 3G (UMTS 2100 MHz / 900 MHz) network. With 4G devices and a compatible plan, you can access our 3G network plus some or all of our 4G Plus network. Our 4G Plus network uses multiple frequencies (LTE 700 / 1800 / 2100 / 2300 / 2600 MHz) to provide coverage. Coverage availability will vary depending on your device and location. Check coverage at based on your address and device.


Optus Business Mobile Broadband solutions can help:

  • enhance out-of-office productivity - by providing staff with real-time access to applications and data, such as the ability to process orders while on the road
  • improve collaboration - by enabling employees to share resources, meet while in different locations and contact other staff members for urgently needed information
  • attract and retain top talent - by offering staff more flexible working options, including the ability to work at or closer to home, reduce commuting times and improve work-life balance
  • improve customer service - by enabling employees to reduce response times, minimise missed calls, and provide more information and services while with the customer
  • maximise operational continuity - by enabling staff to remain productive during unplanned events and emergencies


Where to download the latest connection manager software for your device

If you have purchased one of the following mobile broadband USB Modem or Data Card for use with your Optus Business mobile broadband service, the latest mobile broadband connection manager software can be downloaded by clicking on one of the links below:

Optus Huawei E3276 USB Modem (Version 1 & 2)

Optus Huawei E5776 Mini WiFi Modem

Huawei E5776 WIPVPN 4G Firmware - May 2014 (50MB) Unzip and run all three exe’s in order with the E5776 connected by USB to the PC.

Optus Huawei E583 Mini WiFi Modem

Huawei E583 Mini WiFi firmware - Jan 2011 (27MB) Unzip and run all three exe's with the E583C connected by USB.

E180 USB Modem & E880 Data Card

Windows 7 / Mac OSX 10.6 Support - E180 Firmware / Dashboard (June 2010):
Latest E180 Win7 Support Complete CD [31MB]

Windows 7 / Mac OSX 10.6 Support - E880 Dashboard (June 2010):
Latest E880 Win7 Support Complete CD [15MB]

Network Administrators
Windows Driver-Firmware
MSI File

End Users
Windows Client

Mac OS Drivers-Client

Note: administration rights are required to enable the above software to be installed on your computer.

If you require assistance with the installation and set-up of your Optus Business Mobile Broadband connection manager software call the Converged Technical Service Desk on 1800 200 487.

Product FAQs

No, there is no need for a new or special SIM card as long as the service associated with the SIM card has the correct rate plan and provisioning to allow it to connect to your specific Optus Business Mobile Broadband or Optus Wireless IP VPN solution. In most cases for new service activation a new SIM card will be supplied by Optus with the required provisioning.

  • USB Modem
  • Wi-Modem
  • Wireless Router
  • Bring your own device - Optus data SIM for iPad, tablets and modems.

Depending on your destination, you may be able to use Optus Business Mobile Broadband when you are roaming internationally, with Data Roaming.

You can view what roaming services are available in different countries using our Global Roaming tool.

The service is available wherever there is Optus 4G, 3G or GPRS mobile network* coverage and overseas via Optus roaming partnerships**.

*4G coverage is available in selected areas. To check coverage visit
**View our Global Roaming tool on the left to view what roaming services are available in different countries.

Support FAQs

The device will indicate if 4G is being used via the display of the 4G network symbol.

All current Optus Mobile 4G devices fall back to work on the Optus 3G mobile network if, for any reason, the 4G Plus network is unavailable.

Data carried over the 3G or 4G Plus mobile networks is charged at the same rate.

Most data application will benefit from the greater data speeds and lower latency offered by the Optus 4G Plus network*. For example, a user can download corporate data more quickly than on the 3G mobile network.

*The Optus 4G Plus network is available in selected areas with a compatible device and plan. Check coverage at

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