What are your business mobile needs? From sole trader services to mobility solutions for a large business, Optus has you covered.


Mobile voice and data plans made for big business.

Optus mobility solutions equip your large team with the tools they need to meet work demands on the move.
We understand the changing mobile landscape; our enterprise mobile fleet plans have been designed specifically
with portable voice and data for business users in mind.

Optus OneFleet Plus Plans

Flexible, great value mobile voice plans

Optus OneFleet Plus Plans are a cost efficient mobile voice solution tailored to your business. Manage your mobile budget with an aggregated monthly spend on national calls, competitive call pricing and bundle options. There are a variety of plans available, and we will work with you to find the best fit for your fleet.

Plans feature:

  • Competitive pricing for standard national voice calls to mobiles and fixed lines within Australia^.
  • Generous discounts for intrafleet calls - mobile calls within Australia across your OneFleet Plus account^.
  • Freedom to roam with generous discounts on voice and data roaming and for IDD calls.

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^Pricing and discounts depend on fleet size.

Optus Data Fleet Plans

Easily share mobile data allowances across your fleet

Take advantage of this data-only solution that works with Optus Business Mobile Broadband or Optus Wireless IP VPN. Improve how your fleet uses mobile data and control costs, sharing data helps you get the most out of your allowance and reduces the risk of excess charges.

Plans feature:

  • Easy addition or removal of users as your fleet changes, with no cancellation fees.
  • Your choice of contract - either a 24 or 36 month contract, depending on your needs.

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Mobile broadband for business fleets on the move

Optus Business Mobile Broadband has been designed especially to make life easier for business people on the move.

With new mobile devices, innovative applications and the Optus mobile network, business professionals can now access up-to-date corporate data wherever and whenever they are connected. Helping organisations to:

  • provide better customer service
  • streamline processes
  • reduce costs
  • unleash new ways of doing business.

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Optus Business Access Plans

Voice and data plans to suit your fleet's usage

If your fleet's mobile needs vary, then your choice of plan should too. Optus Business Access lets you choose from a number of different mobile voice plans, handsets and included data allowances - each with varied plan inclusions. Simply match the plans to usage patterns and business needs within your fleet.

Plans feature:

  • A generous handset allowance to go towards the cost of your handset on most Business Access plans.
  • Cost certainty, with unlimited standard national voice and video calls, texts and voicemail^.
  • Convenient data access, Business Access plans have included cost effective data to make it easier for your team to stay connected.

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^Optus Mobile Fair Go Policy applies.

Choose your Operating System

Our tailored plans allow you to select your mobile operating system, such as Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry.

Devices Matched to Your Needs

Our experts will assist in finding you the latest mobiles and tablets, with our best solutions to serve your business.

Freedom to Work Differently

Your individual employees have unique areas of expertise and requirements, so let them choose their preferred device.

Enhanced Network Capability

Your devices are supported on the growing and evolving Optus Mobile Network, for enhanced voice and data connectivity.


Connect the possibilities of a Smart Network. It's the foundation for future business success.

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