Manage your bills faster

Managing your monthly bill reconciliation has never been easier. Optus Business Reports is our simple online tool for businesses with six or more mobiles, that tracks and summarises all of your Optus business accounts and services, giving you the time to focus on more important business matters. It’s easy to use and absolutely free.

What this simple tool can do for your business:

  • Keep an eye on your account balances and due dates.
  • Create custom reports to track your spend and usage across different teams, right down to an employee level.
  • Download reports so you can use the info in your accounting software.
  • Align your billing accounts with your organisation structure.


  • QAm I going to be charged to use or access Optus Business Reports?

    AOptus Business Reports is a free service.

  • QHow difficult is it to use?

    AOptus Business Reports has an easy to use online interface. The Training and Help section provides intuitive training material to guide you through the application.

  • QWhat if I get locked out or my password expires?

    AOnly an Optus Business Reports Administrator can unlock users. If you're an Administrator and you cannot access the system, contact your Optus Business representative to have the account re-activated.

  • QHow do I reset a password?

    AReset password functionality is available from the My Account -> Personal -> User Access tab.

  • QI forgot my secret answer and question?

    APlease contact your company's Optus Business Reports Administrator to have your account refreshed.

  • QIs this different to 'My Account'?

    AThe key differences between Optus Business Reports and My Account are:

    • My Account allows payments, adding and modifying service and basic customer information.
    • Optus Business Reports is purely an online application, which allows you to perform reporting against your current and historical billed data.

  • QHow does it relate to my bills?

    AThe content is generated from the same source as your billing invoice.

  • QIs it my bill?

    AOptus Business Reports is not your actual bill. It is an online reporting tool and should not be used in place of your invoice.

  • QWhat happens to my paper bill?

    ANo changes will be made to how you receive your paper bill or invoice.

  • QHow current is the data?

    AThe billing data for your account(s) will be refreshed in alignment with your current bill-run period(s).

  • QWill it show all of my 'bolt-ons' and additional charges?

    AAnything that appears on your invoice should also appear in Optus Business Reports.

  • QCan I see the GST values?

    AGST is separated on each statement and is included in the reports.

  • QCan I see credits have been applied?

    AAll credits appearing on your invoice are included.

  • QDoes it show me how much I owe?

    APayment information is sourced from the invoices as they become available.

  • QWill I still receive my Datafeed or disk?

    ANo changes are being made to other existing methods of receiving billing information.

  • QHow far back does my data go?

    AOptus Business Reports will build 13 months of historical data, from initial registration.

  • QCan I make payments?

    APayments are unable to be made via the Optus Business Reports tool. Please refer to your invoice for more information on how to pay your bill.

  • QWhat formats can I download my information in?

    ACSV (Comma Separated Values), PDF (Acrobat Reader) and XML (Extensible Markup Language) formats are used throughout the tool for importing and downloading data.

  • QCan I make changes to my plans here?

    AThis functionality is offered through My Account. Optus Business Reports do not have this feature.

  • QHow secure is it?

    AOptus Business Reports meets Optus's data protection standards in accordance with Optus' Privacy Policy.

  • QCan I let other people view the data?

    AThe Administrator can allow other people, like your accountant, to view your data.

  • QCan I restrict what people see?

    AYes, your Optus Business Report's company Administrator has the ability to restrict what information is seen by each User. Manager and Subscriber levels of access can be granted by the Administrator.

  • QWhat are the minimal system specifications?

    AOptus Business Reports is viewable from a computer with modern browsers connected to the internet.

  • QCan I use Optus Business Reports on my tablet?

    AMost reporting functionality works on iOS and Android tablets.

  • QCan I view this info offline?

    AOptus Business Reports is only available online.

The Nitty Gritty

Optus Business Reports does not provide information on unbilled usage. It reflects the information on bills you've received.