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Optus Single Bill

Your Optus data, mobile and switched voice services on one bill.

Looking for an easier way to manage and understand your telecommunications bills?

Optus Single Bill is a flexible billing service that incorporates your Optus data, mobile and switched voice services^ into the one bill. It also allows you to tailor your billing to reflect the structure of your organisation.


One bill - Aggregate your Optus service charges^ into one bill with just one payment figure.

Simple cost centre mapping - You can tailor your billing structure. For example the account hierarchy could be by company, division or department. This billing structure can be changed at any time to keep pace with business changes.

Clear and concise information - There are a variety of summary formats based on our account hierarchy to simplify your view of billing information.

Graphical reporting - Includes a Year-to-Date graphical report providing current, average and previous years spend at a glance.

Online access - You can optionally subscribe to online reporting with Optus Insight Plus.

^Excludes mobile aggregate plans, Local Access Resale, Local Access Telephony and Local Access Direct.


Simplified bill processing - See your total spend at a glance, making it easier for you to manage your communications budget.

Better visibility - By tailoring your bill to reflect the structure of your organisation, service charges can be mapped directly to relevant departments, reducing the need for additional bill analysis tools and making it easier to manage costs across your organisation.

^Excludes mobile aggregate plans, Local Access Resale, Local Access Telephony and Local Access Direct.


Optus Single Bill allows you to provide a reporting hierarchy to match your organisational structure. You can have up to 3 levels of hierarchy (1 company level, and 2 levels below) with a total of up to 100 business units or cost centres.

You can choose to receive up to eight separate bills based on this hierarchy.

Use the download links below to request a single bill and to provide your organisational hierarchy.

Billing FAQs

You can have a summary or detailed paper bill. Optus offers a range formats that may vary depending on the range of Optus services/products that you have which consequently determines the billing system that we will bill your services from.

Given that detailed paper bills can often be impractical and wasteful stretching into hundreds or even thousands of pages, we recommend that you opt for a summary paper bill and use a Data Feed or Insight Plus to view and analyse call details.

Depending on how your company is structured you may want to issue a separate bill to each of your business entities. Optus offers you the option to issue up to eight separate bills when using Optus Single Bill.

Please note that if you want a bill processing system that allows your cost centre managers to review costs before you process payment, this is best achieved using an online reporting solution such as Insight Plus to generate separate cost centre reports while still maintaining control over one summary paper bill for the entire company therefore reducing overhead.

Optus can provide detailed billing information in an ASCII format (via Data Feed). This is suited to organisations who have third party software or can write code to generate reports using the raw ASCII format billing file.

You have the option of a self-serve tool such as Insight Plus or an Optus Premium Managed Service.

Single Bill

Simplify to a single bill to help cut billing confusion.


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