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Optus Insight Plus

Simple and efficient online traffic and billing reporting.

Looking for an easy and hassle-free way to understand your business telecommunications costs and service traffic.

Optus Insight Plus is an online billing reporting tool designed to make your reporting smarter and more efficient. It offers an easy and hassle free way to manage your business telecommunications costs and service traffic, helping you to save time, identify potential cost savings and make reporting simple.

With advanced features such as Daily Rated Usage visibility, Threshold Alerting and Email Notifications you can manage user accounts and respond rapidly to high usage services, helping to control costs before they get out of hand.

It's ideal for managing telecommunication costs, marketing campaigns, or call centres.


Billing Reports - Billing Reports* are auto generated and provide information and analysis for a specific billing period. This information can be downloaded in a variety of file formats including PDF, MS Excel, XML and as CSV flat files.

*OB Local Access Resale, Mobile Usage Aggregate Plans, Optus Evolve Internet, Optus Local Direct and Optus Local Access Telephony are not currently supported by Optus Insight Plus.

Pre-defined Reports - Optus Insight Plus also delivers pre-defined report templates. These reports can be scheduled to run automatically or on an ad-hoc basis.

Customised reports - You can request a number of customised reports from the Optus Insight Support Team to meet any gaps you feel you have in your reporting needs.

Historic data - Up to three months of rolling data can be reported on in one report. Generated reports are retained online for three months while report data is retained for up to 13 months.

Email notification alerts - You to set up email alerts/notifications to advise when reports are available, when files such as Customer Datafeed (CDF) have been delivered or when the defined spend thresholds have been reached.

Online Datafeed Delivery - If you currently receive an Optus Datafeed, you will no longer have to wait for postal delivery of your Customer Datafeed files (CDF). Insight Plus is now able to obtain and store your Customer Datafeeds (CDF) and make them available to you via the Downloads module. You will now be able to download your Customer Datafeed files in a secure environment as required. When a new file is available, Insight Plus will create an email notification addressed to advise the files are ready for download.

Optus Dicer - This is a tool to manipulate large volumes of data that are not able to be viewed in a web-based application such as Optus Insight Plus. Using the Standard Download files, Optus Dicer enables you to transform your raw data into a meaningful format and prepares it for upload to another reporting application of your choice.


Optus Insight Plus Factsheet


Convenience - There are no complex setups or software installations. Just log into your secure online account to retrieve auto-scheduled, pre-run, pre-formated reports delivered to your account report folders.

Managing costs - Optus Insight Plus gives you the ability to interrogate high spend service numbers or cost centres using the Optus Insight Plus Billing reports on a daily basis using the rated/unbilled usage information. This enables you to take appropriate measures before costs spiral out of control.

Reduced reporting stress - Use our pre-formatted reports or tailor your own. You may save hours a month usually spent on preparing and formatting management reports.

Gain customer and business insights - Our traffic reports allows you to measure the success of your campaigns, identify peak and trough periods in your call centres and plan to staff your centres appropriately so you don't have missed calls that may translate into missed opportunities.


Auto-Generated Billing Reports - Depending on the package subscription selected, you can have up to 18 automatically generated billing reports. Some reports are layered, allowing you to drill down via a click to expose more details with each layer, other reports are delivered in a flat CSV file ready for you to load into Optus Dicer or your own reporting application.

Pre-defined Reports - Optus Insight Plus delivers up to 21 pre-defined report templates. These reports can be scheduled to run automatically or on an ad-hoc basis as required. Report templates are both product and package dependent. For example, Traffic Reporting is only available to customers using Optus Inbound services.


To run Optus Insight Plus you will need:

The following PC specifications are the minimum requirements for running Optus Insight Plus.

  • Minimum PC/Laptop configuration with Pentium 700mHz processor, Minimum 1GB RAM (computer memory)
  • Broadband Internet connection
  • Internet Explorer version 7.0 or above
  • Adobe Flash Player version 9.0 or above
  • Adobe Reader version 7.0 or above

Product FAQs

Traffic reports for your inbound voice services and daily rated usage reports can be generated daily. Bill reports are generated monthly in line with your monthly billing cycle.

Optus Insight Plus can report on standard fixed and mobile voice products. The range of products include*:

*OB Local Access Resale, Mobile Usage Aggregate Plans, Optus Evolve Internet, Optus Local Direct and Optus Local Access Telephony are not currently supported by Optus Insight Plus.

  • Summary of inbound TAS traffic categorised into either successful or unsuccessful calls and grouped by the inbound TAS number, inbound call originating exchange, state or territory.
  • Inbound calls to your 13, 1300, 1800, Universal Free Access (UFA) and Global Free Access (GFA) numbers grouped into hourly or 15 minute intervals throughout each day, offering a complete view of incoming call traffic patterns for your business.
  • Detailed reports listing individual billed calls or call traffic to help interrogate high spend calls and suspicious traffic.

The speed of Optus Insight Plus depends on a number of factors including:

  • how many users are using Optus Insight Plus at the time
  • performance of your PC or laptop
  • speed of your internet connection
  • and the size of your reports
  • Summary of billed charges for each billing account number. Clicking on each charge item in the report enables you to drill down to view further details of the individual call charges making up the summary charge.
  • Summary of your billed call charges categorised into the most frequently called destinations, or arranged into hourly intervals. These reports help identity the calling traffic profile for your business, vital for managing telecommunication costs effectively.
  • Detailed reports listing individual billed calls or call traffic to help interrogate high spend calls and suspicious traffic.

Optus Insight Plus allows you to schedule and generate your own map reports.

Map reports show geographically where inbound national calls to your TAS numbers originate. Map reports render a map with the number of originating calls either the call originating postcode or telecommunication exchange name.

Support FAQs

Access Optus Insight Plus. You must be a registered user to gain access to this service.

Billing FAQs

You can create your own billing reports using Insight Plus or for a service fee Optus can create reports for you using our Optus Facilities Management reporting tool eFRAMS.

Optus offers a number of online cost centre reporting tools to allow you to dissect your costs by cost centre. You have the option of a self-serve tool such as Insight Plus.

Optus Insight Plus

We can help you to stay in control of your telecommunications costs with smarter and more efficient online billing and call reporting.


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