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Optus Telecom Expense Manager

Manage your telecoms billing with Optus' reporting and cost analysis tool.

Want to get a better handle on your telecommunications expenses?

The continued growth of telecommunications in the work place and the complexity of associated billing are prompting businesses to look for better ways to effectively manage telecom assets and expenditure.

Optus Telecom Expense Management™ (Optus TEM) helps your organisation to simplify billing, increase usage visibility and maintain accurate budgetary controls and internal cost allocation.


Asset Management - Easily view and manage telecommunication services, mobile users and assets.

Cost Analysis - Manage expenditure and usage at a company, department and user level.

Reporting - Comprehensive report capabilities including comparative departmental and individual usage and spend at the department and company level; customised financial reporting; cost centre management; and individual transactions.

Additional features - A range of additional features are available, including bespoke managed service offerings; bill import; reporting for Optus and non-Optus billing formats; and financial system integration.


Optus Telecom Expense Management Factsheet


Ease of use - Optus TEM is delivered using cloud computing technologies, providing remote web-based access. Cloud technology allows self-management of telecommunications assets and billing information helping to reduce overall costs.

Reduced administration and processing - By streamlining business processes Optus TEM can reduce administration and processing costs, eliminating the need for manual, time consuming alternative methods.

A single view - Optus TEM offers electronic uploading of mobile and fixed line costs (across multiple vendors), allowing holistic, detailed review of telecommunication costs and usages.

To discuss how Optus TEM can improve your business efficiency, contact your Optus Account manager today or call us on 1800 555 937.

Optus TEM

Helps your organisation to simplify billing, increase usage visibility and reduce spend.


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