Global Roaming

I'm traveling to...

New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, USA, UK


Country code 264
Call rate zone Zone 4


Product Name Standard AutoRoam Rate
Voice Calls
Calls within destination country* $1.90
Calls to other countries* $5.80
Receive calls* $1.65
Flagfall $0.40
Send SMS# See below~
Receive SMS $0.00
Send MMS# See below
Receive MMS $0.02 per KB^
Send data^ $0.02 per KB^
Receive data $0.02 per KB^


*Voice and video call rates are shown per minute and charged with an initial increment of 60 seconds and subsequent increments per 30 seconds.
#SMS and MMS Rates are shown per message sent.
^Data is charged in 10KB increments or part there of.
MMS to Australia is charged standard MMS rate + $0.02 per KB (charged in per 10KB increments). MMS to other country is charged standard MMS rate + $0.02 per KB (charged in per 10KB increments).
~SMS is charged $0.55 roaming fee.


Available Services

Carrier Voice Calls Video Calls^ SMS MMS/Data*
MTC Yes No Yes Yes-3G


Terms & Conditions

* Compatible handset/device required. Service availability is dependent on the coverage area of the operator.  Data speeds may vary due to the capacity of international connections.
^ Both parties require a 3G handset and must be located in a 3G coverage area and the overseas carrier must support Video Calling.

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