Our international roaming solutions make it simple for every Australian professional to think and operate globally. With Optus' great call and data rates, and travel plans designed for connecting corporate personnel, now you're a business of the world.

Optus Autoroam™

Optus Autoroam™ is a business tool that allows you to use Optus mobile services such as voice, SMS and video-calling from just about anywhere in the world.


  • Access to Optus' 360 roaming partners in more than 170 countries including great value across Asia Pacific
  • The convenience of call charges billed in Australian dollars

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Use Our Roaming Tool

Find out which Optus global roaming services are available where you’re travelling, and check our excellent text, talk and data rates for that zone.

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Optus ‘Yes’ International

Don't hesitate to call overseas with your Optus business mobile. 'Yes' International gives you low, flat rates 24/7 to over 230 destinations.

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