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4 steps to protect and back up your business data

Spies at MI5 have done it, the Department of Immigration have done it, so there’s every chance you and your employees could accidentally lose laptops and essential data – and that means valuable time. Here are 4 essentials of data backup…


How to switch off when you clock off

Learning how to leave the office at the office can be the difference between success and a heart attack.


How to increase website conversion rates

You've created a website and the number of visitors is rising. But customers aren't engaging with you and there hasn't been a bump in sales. Everyone is shopping online but you're not reaping the whirlwind. How can you convert site visits into sales?


How CRM systems can win customers

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems can be the difference between capitalising on a contact and missing out on a lucrative opportunity. So just how can you use CRM to win over potential clients?


Four ways to give your work computer a makeover

Aesthetic and technical adjustments that personalise your work computer and help computer performance. The office may be a place for serious work, but that doesn't mean your work computer shouldn't have its own personalised look and feel, just like your phone cover or that photo of loved ones sitting on your desk.


Data security pitfalls: Five things you need to know

Protecting your business data is a key element to running your business. Not all of your data is equally important, but if a competitor had access to your price list or a stranger accessed your bank account then you might have cause for concern. So what can you do about it?


Are you cyber attack ready?

It's worth understanding why businesses are potential targets for cyber criminals. In the past, the main threats attacking your business came from competitors and burglars. Today, danger can be just a few mouse clicks away with sophisticated attacks being delivered via the internet. What can you do to protect your business?


Passwords: Do you have a ***** problem?

Passwords are a necessary evil for the foreseeable future, but there are a few tricks you can use to make life easier. If your favourite password is 'password' then it's only a matter of time before you get hacked. Even if you're forced to choose a more complicated password, many people take the lazy option of using 'password1' and still find themselves in trouble.


Backup basics for business

From fire and theft to something as mundane as a burst water main, there's no shortage of threats to your business's precious data. If you can't afford catastrophic data loss, you must put a robust backup system in place.


Protecting your intellectual property

You lock doors and windows, activate the alarm and get friends to keep an eye on things in an effort to protect your physical property. But what about the fruits of your labour and your priceless ideas? How do you protect them?


When is it time to upgrade your tech?

Gadgets don't last forever, so when is the best time to trade up? If your gadgets are productivity tools, which they really should be for business users, then the obvious time to upgrade is when they're holding you back and costing you time and money. If you waste 30 minutes each day fighting with an old computer that struggles to keep up, it's not hard to justify the expense of an upgrade. Of course, you should try a little CPR before you declare an old computer dead. Dropping in some extra RAM or simply defragging the hard drive could give it a new lease on life.


The benefits of open source software

Many owners spend substantial amounts of money on software to run their business. However, there's a vibrant community of software developers who create applications and distribute free of charge. In many cases, they make the software available to other developers who can add their own enhancements.


E-commerce software solutions

Your digital shopfront needs to tie into your backend inventory and financial systems to help your business run smoothly. Just like setting up a physical store, selling stuff online is more complicated than simply putting out a sign on the digital footpath and waiting for the money to roll in. You'll need a decent e-commerce platform to underpin your digital shopfront and deal with your online customers.


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