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Online shopping trends and what they mean for your business

The smartest businesses have already identified what makes their customers tick. They study them, constantly collecting data: what they buy, when they shop, what they’ve bought before, and how much they spend. By analysing this data, they can identify key shopping trends and make the most of them, attracting new customers and boosting sales.


Five ways to build your email database

We all know that email marketing is the cat's pyjamas in terms of direct selling, but how do you get your potential customers to sign on, stay on and refer you to their friends?


The guru’s guide to being different, not better

"First among equals" is not a phrase or principle that has currency in contemporary marketing. It has little capacity to effectively increase revenue or establish a company as a compelling magnet for consumer expenditure.


Why you should think like a Chief Innovation Officer

A Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) gives recognition to the need for someone who stimulates and manages the process of innovation and growth. They're responsible for making sure that the business is abreast of new technology, encouraging of creativity, supporting of change and implement innovative ideas.


How to pique a journalist’s interest

Free publicity can do wonders for your business, but many business owners feel immediately intimidated at the prospect of approaching a journalist. What you must remember, however, is that a journalist is only as good as their leads. They are constantly on the lookout for great stories, and if that person feeding them no-nonsense story ideas is you, then you may find a media friend for life.


How to avoid shopping cart abandonment

Isn't it annoying when you are in a supermarket and the aisles are littered with abandoned shopping carts full of products? Oh wait, that almost never happens. Not so with online shopping carts, which research reveals has an average abandonment rate of 67 per cent. That's two thirds of customers who have taken the trouble to choose your product, but change their mind. Imagine the profits if they didn't.


Creating a low-budget advertising campaign

For small business owners, finding effective strategies to promote their businesses while saving money is a win-win. Fortunately, in today's business environment, there are more opportunities than ever to get the word out cheaply and effectively.


Why you need to know about retargeted marketing

When you visit a site, it drops a cookie called a 'retargeting pixel' and businesses can then target you with advertisements.


Print or digital: Optimising your marketing dollars

Here's a look at both print and digital advertising and how integrating the two can help optimise your marketing dollars.


Before you spend another dollar on advertising

The fall of traditional advertising is making space for new mediums. It used to be easy. You had a product, you figured out why other people wanted it and you told them about it through advertising in print, radio and television. There were clever people who helped you craft your message and you paid your money for space. At the very least a business had to be in the Yellow Pages, and the bigger ones went for bigger-budget media.


Four ways to avoid the spam filter

You've created what you thought was the perfect newsletter - cool graphics, colored fonts and a seemingly unbeatable sales pitch. Yet the open and clickthrough rates to your email campaign are less than spectacular. What went wrong?


What’s in a business name?

People can spend weeks and months mulling over exactly the right name for their new business, but it doesn’t need to be that difficult. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a name.


When is it time to rebrand your business?

There are specific reasons for a company to rebrand, and some good ones not to.


Six ways to promote your business for free

Our digitally-interconnected world offers a plethora of options for small businesses to get the word out for low or even no cost.


How to resurrect a dead deal

New recruits to the world of sales and business are constantly advised that the selling only begins when the prospective customer says no. The usual immediate response to any rejection in life is personal, defensive and often depressing. But life, like business, goes on and we must stay in the race.


Five ways to stretch your marketing budget

If you're like most small businesses, you probably have a modest marketing budget, so getting the most of your advertising dollar is important. Fortunately, with the advent of social media and other digital marketing strategies, low cost and even free promotion is right at your fingertips. Here are five marketing tips that are both easy and cost effective.


How to sell big without selling your soul

Everything you need to know about sales you can learn in a bar. Selling a product or a service begins with selling yourself, but you don’t have to sell your soul to do it. Indeed, the more integrity and authenticity you have, the easier it is for people to buy from you.


Spring clean your marketing database!

Why not give your database a much-needed spring clean?


Building your personal brand

Not paying attention to your personal brand means that it is constructing itself. Every time you publish online, speak in public or simply show up to a meeting, it becomes more real. So it's a good idea to decide how you want it to look before it decides for you.


The power of community: Local PR for SMEs

Many SMEs think that public relations (PR) is only for the big operators or those who can 'afford' it. But creating visibility in your community - be it online or physical - is simpler and cheaper than you think.


When is it time to outsource your PR?

As a small-business owner, you want to make most of your marketing dollars. For this reason, many businesses opt to keep their marketing and PR functions in-house. But will your bottom line - not to mention your sanity - really be better off?


How creating balanced sales territories can cut costs

Creating balanced sales territories is important on many levels, including maintaining happy customers, a balanced workforce and lowering costs across the organisation.


Seven ways to beat a sales slump

The trick to beating a sales slump is to see it as an opportunity to strengthen your business.


Are business cards on the way out?

The humble business card is still here, though not for lack of people trying to replace it. Here are some new digital contenders.


Why you need to take customer service online

With the growth of social media, customers are using posts not just to interact with a business, but also to complain. Here's how to improve your online customer service.


SEO rules: How to tag your website

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website in order to increase search engine rankings. The fact is that for any particular query there may be thousands, if not millions, of webpages to satisfy that query. There has to be a way for search engines to narrow the many possibilities in order to produce the most relevant results for searchers.


What is content marketing?

It's the new buzzword in corporate marketing, but between managing your PR, social media and website, why should a small business owner make time for content marketing? And what's it all about?


To blog or not to blog?

While maintaining a business blog represents an ongoing commitment of time and energy for small business owners, the benefits can be exponential. From increased SEO to building trust and credibility to establishing yourself as a leader in your field, blogging is a great way to promote your business.


Creating a homepage that hooks them in

Here are some important concepts to help you design a great homepage and hook visitors in from the first glance.


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