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Cash flow management for dummies

A good understanding of business cash flow is essential if you want your business to run smoothly. The benefits you'll reap from having regular cash flow will keep your business alive for years to come.


Cash flow 101

Cash flow is exactly that: ready cash flowing in and out of your business. Successful business operators understand this concept - a regular cash flow will keep your business operating at an optimum level. Without it you'll be living on borrowed funds and patience.


Three quick ways to cut costs

There are two basic ways to increase your profit margin. The first is to increase your revenue by increasing your sales and increasing the price of your products. The second is to decrease your costs. Cost cutting doesn't have to be a morale-destroying exercise of staff redundancies. Successful cost cutting involves looking critically at your supplies, considering their essential function and getting the best price for it.


Should you share business financials with staff?

Sharing business financials with staff can create greater commitment, or it can create anxiety, resentment and disengagement.


Bookkeeping basics

Don't be put off by the technical jargon - bookkeeping is the language of what's going on financially with your business.


Winning the retail price war

The most basic requirement of a pricing strategy is that it covers your costs, but it can also help you avoid a price war.


Do your business numbers add up?

There are different metrics to see how well a business is performing. Here's how to check the financial health of your business.


Top cash flow tips for start ups

Starting a business? Here are some easy ways to streamline and manage cash flow, including top cash-flow tips for startups.


Eight tips for sustainable business growth

Growth is generally perceived as a sign of business success, but growing too quickly can be as difficult for your business as growing too slowly. Here are eight tips to ensure your business grows sustainably.


Top finance tips for startups

Starting a new business is an exciting time for anyone. Savvy business operators understand that keeping track of the business finances is just as important as the idea behind the business.


All about crowdfunding | Copy

Crowdfunding may seem like a simple concept - putting your idea for a project or business online and inviting people to invest. But there are a number of aspects that distinguish it from traditional sources of funding. These differences have helped crowdfunding grow strongly over recent years as entrepreneurs and others look to take advantage, but this new type of fundraising also provides a set of challenges unfamiliar to many business people.


Seven questions to ask before purchasing big-ticket items

When you buy any big-ticket item for your business, you're taking a risk - a risk that should be carefully measured. So how do you know you're doing the right thing? Here are seven key questions every small business should ask.


How to apply for a business loan

All businesses require funding in one form or another to grow, and it's likely that at some point you will need to at least consider a business loan. The key to seeking finance from a lender is preparation. And taking the time to lay the groundwork for your application can not only help secure the loan, but ensure that your business makes the most of those funds.


7 ways to reduce your financial risk

Taking risks is part of running a business - it comes with the territory. For small-business owners, there are many things that prevent risk: developing products, manufacturing them, selling them, earning a profit on these operations and managing growth. Also, if the entrepreneur is a sole proprietor, they face additional personal liability risks and financial risks. Take the right risks, however, and you may accelerate your business growth.


Knowing when it's time to sell your business

The most obvious sign that you should be looking to sell is that you no longer have a passion for the business.


Six ways to impress investors

Approaching investors with a business proposal can be daunting. One way to get some practice before approaching potential financial backers is to realise that your investors include a broader range of people than just those who provide funding. Practising all or part of your pitch on people such as key employees, suppliers or anyone else who will be important to the success of your business can be great preparation. If you have also covered the following six areas, you will have a strong foundation for presentations to investors.


Is that business worth buying? Four must-ask questions

While you may never find the perfect business at the perfect price, there are a few questions you should ask before buying.


Bootstrapping ideas for your startup business

If you are thinking about creating a startup and bootstrapping, here are some tips you may want to consider.


Five steps to a better insurance deal

Business owners are always on the lookout for ways to cut costs, and insurance premiums can seem an easy target. However, Australians are often warned of the risks of underinsurance and in areas such as home insurance the problem has been apparent following natural disasters including fire and floods. Despite this, there are ways you can reduce insurance costs without putting the future of your business in peril.


How to deal with non-paying clients

What to do with non-paying clients? Well, the good news is that most clients do pay. However, there are a small percentage of people who are unscrupulous. Here are a few things you can do to prevent non-payment and deal with it when it occurs.


The poor man's guide to invoicing

Getting the invoicing done is important for any business. Neglect the invoicing and there's no cash flow.


A quick guide to the balance sheet

If you have started your own business, you know that the term multiskilling gives only a hint of the variety of demands placed on an owner as you work to establish a business.


Salary sacrificing options for small biz

Salary sacrificing, also referred to as salary packaging, is an arrangement whereby an employee sacrifices part of their wages in exchange of something else of similar benefit.


Five common business tax mistakes and how to avoid them

Avoid these common business tax mistakes and you'll not only get your tax return faster, you'll also keep the auditors at bay.


Tax-deduction tips for a home office

Between the volumes of tax legislation, Australian Taxation Office (ATO) publications and rulings – not to mention the product advertisements promising a tax deduction for end of financial year sale purchases - it can be difficult to figure out the tax deductions for your home office. But whether it's big or small, every tax deduction counts towards business savings, so it's worth looking into all the options. Here are some tips to help.


How to make next tax season less painful

Where was that receipt? How much did that equipment end up costing? Why is my accountant telling me I might have to pay more tax?


Record keeping dos and don’ts

Keeping sound records means you can make insightful decisions about your business based on actual data rather than 'guesstimation'.


The difference between value and price

Being able to determine and communicate the difference between value and price is one of the most important ingredients for a successful business. Price is pretty simple. It's the dollar value for which something can be purchased. Value, on the other hand, is a measure of the benefit of that item minus the cost of it.


Why you should always renegotiate with suppliers

Regular renegotiating can help your business and suppliers cooperate to find better-value deals for your business.


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