Learning Mandarin at School - Part 2

Opinion Paper

Opinion Paper | Learning Mandarin at School - Part 2


Students enter the learning environment with diverse experiences, aptitude and pre-disposition for learning. In any classroom, there are students with varying degrees of experience and proficiency in languages other than English.

In Part 2 we explore the challenges associated with teaching and learning Mandarin in Australian kindergartens, schools and tertiary education providers.



Learning Mandarin Part 1

In Part 1 we focus on the drivers for change and why it is important for Australian education systems to consider how they are prepared to tackle the issue of Asia literacy.

Learning Mandarin Part 3

In Part 3 we expose the opportunity that exists to use digital technologies to accelerate and improve the teaching and learning of the Mandarin language.


Q&A with Sherman Young

Professor Sherman Young from Macquarie University discusses the technological trends affecting higher education and how these new technologies are transforming the way students learn.

MTC Australia Case Study

MTC Australia wanted to expand its employment and training network which meant that it had to undergo an ICT upgrade.

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