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Opinion Paper | BYOD success


Bring your own device (BYOD) policies continue to gain strength in corporate Australia due to the explosion in more user-friendly, fashionable smartphones and tablets, and the proliferation of applications delivered over faster mobile networks. So what steps should organisations take to ensure they make the right decision? We believe a cost–benefit analysis is a crucial first step to determine if they should proceed with a BYOD policy. The organisation's analysis should also cover whether the policy is in line with broader organisational priorities such as the need to recruit talented younger workers who expect to use personal devices at work.



Who drives mobility?

New trends like BYOD and personal content are here to stay; make sure your IT strategy takes them into account.

Turning BYOD into talent retention

Going BYOD can help you attract and retain the best employees - as well as the best customer outcomes.


Mobility Q&A with Gavin Heaton

We spoke to Gavin Heaton, about innovation and the role of mobility in enabling Australian enterprises.

How to optimise the mobile workforce

Leading organisations are using predictive analytics, machine-to-machine systems, distributed networks and the cloud to optimise their mobile workforce.

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