Managing risk and reputation

Protecting systems to maintain public trust.

Governments deliver essential services, build major projects and hold personal data for virtually every Australian.

This work can involve high levels of risk in terms of finance (keeping to budgets); operations (managing compliance); security (safeguarding networks); and managing collaborations between multiple agencies.

At a time when the public sector is under more scrutiny than ever, governments must protect their systems and reputation to maintain public trust. To help ensure this, public-sector agencies can work with trusted partners that have proven strategies to mitigate risk.

It is also important that governments harness ICT to protect sensitive data (particularly given the rise of mobile devices), and ensure their operations are underpinned by secure infrastructure.

Governments must also have contingency plans to deal with natural disasters ensuring ongoing continuity of service and disaster recovery options to maintain control during these difficult times.

Disaster recovery facilities

Keep your business operating when disaster strikes.

Optus Disaster Recovery Sites are fully equipped offices with call centre capability and secure data centre space.

We provide access to a variety of resources, ready and waiting, such as:

  • phones and voice communications
  • workstations with network connections
  • printers, photocopiers, fax machines,
  • remote access and virtual desktops


Security Services

Protect data, build trust

Strengthen your data protection with the help of our leading Network, Endpoint and Content security solutions.


Mobile Device Management

Liberate your workforce with mobile devices

The "office" is now wherever you need it to be, so help your mobile employees work smarter, while staying securely connected to the necessary company communications, tools and data.


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Government Insights

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Meeting the challenges of public sector service delivery

Over the past few years, the public sector has made big advancements in service delivery.

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