Innovation in service delivery

Utilising ICT to better meet citizens' needs.

As governments become more citizen-centric, they may need to create new delivery models to meet people's needs and increase customer satisfaction.

The innovative use of ICT can drive the development of new service delivery models. In this context, organisations can implement cloud and managed services solutions, and contact and data centres, to better meet citizens' needs. These tools have already been widely deployed by the private sector to deliver services in new ways.

It is now easier for organisations to outsource complex functions allowing them to re-focus on their core business. Managed services arrangements are giving governments the ability to work with service providers for end-to-end management of non-core functions leading to improved delivery and predictable ongoing costs.

To find the right delivery models, government agencies are already prioritising innovation. By working with external partners, organisations can overcome internal barriers to change and use ICT to deliver services in new ways.

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Machine to Machine (M2M)

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We are on the edge of a communication revolution, where M2M communication is set change the way we live, how businesses operate and the way cities are run.

Infrastructure, buildings, appliances, vehicles, homes and even livestock are already connected - controlled remotely and enabling better, faster decisions.

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