Streamlining operations

Fostering collaboration to improve service.

Governments operate in an increasingly complex environment. Aside from the growing demands from citizens, breaking down internal silos and fostering collaboration to enhance service delivery can be challenging.

One way governments can run more efficiently is by reducing their reliance on physical ICT infrastructure through virtualisation. The delivery of mobility solutions and bring your own device (BYOD) policies can also help governments to streamline service delivery. These strategies can help create more responsive organisations that react quickly and can deliver services remotely.

Further, agencies are examining the use of shared services to make their operations run more smoothly. These strategies consolidate support operations and can improve efficiency by eliminating duplication, allowing organisations to direct greater resources to service delivery.

Governments may need to establish new data centres or outsource this requirement to external providers to create a more agile technology foundation. These centralised facilities can free staff to focus on more strategic tasks by leading to the outsourcing or automation of routine processes.

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