Putting the citizen first

Developing citizen-centric service delivery models.

With the rise of digital channels, customer service is changing. In this environment, citizens determine how they want to be served.

Many individuals and businesses now 'live' on the internet and want to access government services electronically. According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority, nearly half of Australians go online at least once a day, and smartphone use doubled in June 2012 from 20111. The world is becoming more connected; not just between individuals but also between devices.

To meet these trends, leading governments are developing citizen-centric service delivery models. These should enable real-time access to services to increase opportunities for citizens to serve themselves. Targeted services for meeting the needs of businesses in their dealings with government can also be delivered online and automated to reduce turnaround time and resources required to deal with routine enquiries and requests.

To put the customer first, governments can develop sophisticated ICT solutions to deliver services where and when citizens want them. These solutions include mobile applications, contact centre, conferencing and collaboration solutions.

1 Australian Communications and Media Authority, Communications Report 2011-12, December 2012.

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