Delivering more value with limited budgets

Increasing efficiency with predictable costs.

Governments are under pressure to reduce costs in the face of competing policy demands and restrained economic conditions. In response, many governments face lower budget allocations and must deliver efficiency dividends.

New approaches such as cloud computing - outsourcing ICT to large, shared facilities - can provide an effective way to reduce equipment, maintenance, and energy costs, and boost the reliability and security of systems. Further savings can be made by combining cloud computing with enhanced procurement arrangements, such as implementing standardised contracts for hardware and software, and using the public sector's bargaining power to secure discounts.

Managed services can also be considered to reduce the requirement for full-time staff while achieving a fixed cost model that can also scale on-demand. By only paying for the services they need on-demand, governments can reduce their ICT capital expenditure and move the ongoing costs to operational expenditure.

Cloud Services

The first step to greater business agility.

Take advantage of Optus' innovative cloud services including infrastructure, storage and more.


Optus Managed Voice Service Plus (OMVS+)

A simple and flexible managed unified communications service.

An all-inclusive bundled voice service of Cisco equipment and UC features, Optus Evolve Voice carriage and Optus business service management.


Customer contact solutions

Contact Centres are a central point for your customers to interact with your organisation, as well as benefit from inbound voice services. Their positive experiences can be critical, so get them talking.


Data centre and hosting

Optimising data centre infrastructure and operations

Whether small or large you can benefit from our hosting services.


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Learn how public service agencies are transforming in this citizen centric era.

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Meeting the challenges of public sector service delivery

Over the past few years, the public sector has made big advancements in service delivery.

Case study: Brisbane City Council

A whole of business solution delivers efficiencies and new multi-channel services for Brisbane City Council.