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Optus Future of Business Report 2014 | Retail Opinion Paper


Retailers understand the importance of creating a great experience in driving repeat business, but that also means the competition is fiercer than other sectors. The Optus Future of Business Report 2014 reveals that unless customer experience is outstanding, most consumers are unlikely to remain loyal - and even less likely to recommend your business to other people. "The top retailers get it. They're among the most advanced in any industry, but other retailers are at various stages in developing their customer experience strategy," says Robbie Kruger, Optus Business Industry Manager, Retail. Businesses that don't treat customer experience as a high priority need to catch up - and fast.



Adapting retail for digital channels

We spoke with Nancy Georges, about the changes happening in retail and how technology can act as a positive force for the industry.

Digital signage is rescuing Retail

Digitally savvy customers are increasingly purchasing online. So how do you connect with and retain the digital savvy consumer in-store?


Maximising your retail ecosystem

In a customer driven digital economy, retailers who invest in Bricks and Mortar locations are seeking ways to enhance the customer experience and maximise their selling potential.

Future of Business Report

How do you create a business that customers love? It starts with understanding the importance of delivering an outstanding customer experience.

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