How to improve the healthcare experience for a new era

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Optus Future of Business Report 2014 | Healthcare Opinion Paper


Consumers rate healthcare as the top sector for delivering customer experience, according to the Optus Future of Business Report 2014. They're 30 per cent more likely to recommend a healthcare provider than the average business, and 12 per cent more likely to remain a loyal customer. "The level of care from a practitioner or health service generally has to be pretty terrible for consumers to go somewhere else," he says. "Most people really want to believe that they're receiving the best possible care." "By and large, the demand for healthcare exceeds its supply." However, that's about to change, and our report reveals that many health organisations may not be well prepared for that change.



Creating a Healthy Lead

It's the big question occupying the minds of healthcare executives and policy-makers around the country: How do we maintain or improve our quality of care under increasing budgetary constraints?

Challenges faced by a CIO (BLOG)

Mal Thatcher, Executive Director and CIO at Mater Health Services explains the role of a CIO, the challenges faced and how they can influence the board.


Managed Security Services

Free your business to innovate and stay ahead of security threats.

Case Study: Cancer Council Queensland

Cancer Council Queensland needed a fast, reliable, secure and cost-effective network that would support its strategy to improve staff communications.

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