Welcome, the team at Uecomm is now a part of Optus Business. If you require access to Uecomm service and support resources, please see contact and access information below.

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Together as one

Uecomm has been part of the Optus Business family since 2004. Now we have come together under a unified Optus brand to offer a truly integrated ICT experience. So you can access all the expertise and capability you need from the one organisation, helping you get closer to your customers.

About Optus Uecomm Products

Uecomm Ethernet is a well-established product and was first Ethernet offering in the Australian market. This is the same technology that is used in LANs and has become the technology of choice with carriers around the world including Australia's NBN. The Uecomm Ethernet core provides a high degree of performance and flexibility and is managed by its own Network Operations Centre (NOC) - providing direct access to senior engineers for incident reporting and remediation. The Uecomm network is Metro Ethernet Forum certified (MEF9 and 14) with equipment deployed in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. This provides an extensive access network of both fibre and copper which is augmented by relationships with third parties to provide broader regional coverage. Uecomm customers have been operating converged networks for many years combining voice, data, internet and video.

As more and more organisations move from managing data in-house, there is a need for resilient and robust networks to manage critical information and data storage between data centres and site-to-datacentre at high speeds and capacity. Optus Uecomm can provide the optical transport network required for big data via a range of Ethernet and fibre channel options. In addition to our core Ethernet layer 2 capabilities and NOC support, Uecomm WDM Lite will allow customers to embrace best of breed ICT and cloud based services from key and select locations - seamlessly and to high standards of assurance.

About Optus Business

At Optus Business we don't want to be any ordinary ICT provider. We understand that the decisions you make today are going to have a huge impact on your business tomorrow. So we're always keen to understand more than just your ICT needs - we want to understand everything about your business. Backed by the strength of SingTel, we draw on their resources, expertise and global reach, allowing us to offer a truly integrated ICT experience. From fixed and mobile connectivity, right through to a comprehensive suite of network-centric ICT solutions and managed services. We're committed to redefining ICT so our customers can get closer to their customers.